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Drag 'n' Drop is a special ability used in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. It is used in battle against Sora's Heartless in Phases 2, 3, and 4, when the Heartless appears as AntiSora.


After the Golden Keyblade in Sora's Heartless Keyblade Rain attack falls, it creates a small golden circle. Go to the golden circle and the Attack command will change to Drag 'n' Drop. Using this will cause Data-Sora and the Heartless to clash, transforming it into a Shadow. This will reduce Sora's Heartless' health and cause it to become much easier to defeat. When Drag 'n' Drop is used, the transformation causes the Shadow to be stunned. It will be unable to attack you nor will it defend itself. This ability can only be used once and cannot be used again until Sora's Heartless uses the Rain attack again.

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