Sora Atlantica KHII

While visiting Atlantica during the events of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, Sora transforms into his Dolphin Form. This version of Sora has unique swimming abilities and allows him to breathe underwater.

Journal EntryEdit

Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

Hero of the Keyblade. Sora continues his search for Riku, separated from him in the great battle some time ago.

In his previous travels, Sora defended Atlantica when Ursula tried to take the Trident.


In his Dolphin Form, Sora's lower body is replaced with that of a blue dolphin, including the dorsal fin. He does not wear any clothing in this form, including his crown necklace.


The controls for Sora in his dolphin form are slightly different than the normal controls, and in addition, are different depending on the game. Much like the controls for flying, the changed controls in Kingdom Hearts are:

  • B c: Swim up
  • B s: Dive down

In Kingdom Hearts II, the controls are changed to:

  • Right Analog Stick
    • B u: Swim up
    • B d: Dive down

Because he is no longer in human form, Sora cannot go into Drive in this form.


  • Mermaid Kick[KH]
  • Dolphin Kick[KHII]
  • Sora while in this form also has the ability to move all around the world in ways he was not able to with legs. This includes being able to go from the top to the bottom of the screen with one button press.


Kingdom HeartsEdit

This form makes its debut in Atlantica and the movements are taught by Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian. This form is different in that it incorporates completely new battle mechanics (Sora's Lion Form is like this, but less complicated).

His ability to summon is withdrawn from this form due to being underwater. The form increases speed but makes it more difficult to chase down targets and such.

Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

The movement controls have been changed, but there are no battles that actually use the battle system (Ursula is fought by the singing system).


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