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Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
Diamond Dust
Diamond Dust KHFM
Strength MP
+3 +3
Magic Boost
Complete the Gold Match.
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Diamond Dust
Diamond Dust (card)
"A special attack card with ice-based attacks. Powerful and the easiest to handle."
Strike Thrust
B+ B+
Combo Finish Swing Speed
Break Recovery Required CP
11th-13th floor Bounty[1]

The Diamond Dust (ダイヤモンドダスト Daiyamondo Dasuto?) is a Keychain for Sora's Keyblade that appears in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories.

In Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Sora is rewarded with the Diamond Dust for defeating the Ice Titan in the Gold Match.


This Keyblade appears to be made of ice, and both the teeth of the blade and the Keychain's token are snowflakes. It bears some resemblance to the Oathkeeper Keyblade. The chain part of the Keychain is attached to the Keyblade by a gold ring and is made up of gold links, except for the first link, which is shaped like the Ice Titan's head.

The Keyblade's name is based on the traditional attack of the Final Fantasy summon, Shiva; Vexen and Aqua also have "Diamond Dust" techniques, with the same origin.

Notes and referencesEdit

  1. This is only available after defeating Marluxia.

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