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Destroyed Behemoth
Destroyed Behemoth Render
Enemy Type Heartless
Role Boss
Origin Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
Home World Olympus Coliseum (Hades Cup)
Katakana デストロイドベヒーモス
Romaji Desutoroido Behīmosu

The Destroyed Behemoth is an Emblem Heartless, much like the Behemoth, that can be found exclusively as a boss in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.

Journal EntryEdit

Kingdom Hearts Final MixEdit

A Behemoth species that is above all others. As it name says, it can do more destruction compared to the other Behemoth species, even if it holds the same attacks as a Behemoth. Its large body and power make it seem quite formidable, but its weak point is just like a Behemoth's.


The Destroyed Behemoth is a massive, quadrupedal Heartless. Its body is predominantly slate grey in color, but its back and all four of its legs are decorated by an orange flame pattern. Each of the Destroyed Behemoth's legs have two toes with green claws.

It has two large, curved tusks sprouting from its lower jaw that are red on their upper half and slate grey on their lower half. The Destroyed Behemoth's conical, blue horn is on its forehead. Like most other Heartless, it has yellow eyes and a jagged maw. Its Heartless emblem is on its chest.


The Destroyed Behemoth's name is a reference to its large size and its destructive nature. In the Final Fantasy series, a Behemoth is a large, horned creature with massive strength.

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