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Symbol - Data

Kana/Kanji データの世界
Romaji Dēta no Sekai
Spanish Binarama
Games Kingdom Hearts coded



The Datascape (データの世界 Dēta no Sekai?, lit. "Data World") was created when King Mickey digitized the contents of Jiminy's Journal in order to solve the mysterious messages that appeared in it. The worlds within are, for the most part, the same as their real counterparts, which Sora visited during the course of Kingdom Hearts. They appear in Kingdom Hearts coded, and its remake, Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.


Episode 1

In Episode 1, the Datascape was created when King Mickey digitized Jiminy's journal to find out the secret about its new, mysterious message "Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it". When they are about to digitize the whole content, Bug Blox appear in the Data World. King Mickey decides to create a Data-Sora to eliminate the Bug Blox. King Mickey, Jiminy, Donald, and Goofy watched the computer to monitor what was happening in the Data World.

Data-Sora finds himself in a Station of Awakening, where he is already rigged with a Keyblade to fight off the Heartless that appear when he spots a mysterious black-cloaked figure. After defeating the Shadow a door appears leading Sora to Destiny Islands where he finds his friends Selphie, Wakka and Tidus who are also confused about the sudden appearance of these blocks. After a brief fight, Tidus tells Sora that there is a guy in a black coat in the secret place.

When Sora gets there the stranger beckoned him into the Keyhole where an enormous adversary was creating more glitches. Once defeated, Mickey Mouse and his friends watch from the real world as Data-Sora prevails although is then swept away by a maelstrom of data. Suddenly a new message appears in the journal "there are more hurts than the one you have just undone" along with a scene where Riku opens a door to darkness, this couldn't have been a flashback, as it wasn't seen or recorded in the journal.

Episode 2

In Episode 2, after defeating the Darkside in the Keyhole, Data-Sora was swept away by a storm of data and awoke in Traverse Town. He is surprised as blocks fill its streets: more glitches. Sora soon met a man named Cid who asked Sora to find the three triplets Huey, Dewey, and Louie, who had eagerly gone to investigate the cause of the town's bizarre behavior and hadn't been seen since.

Sora had searched the town, battling Heartless as he went and finally found all three of them in one piece. Each triplet had found a fragment which united with the fourth one formed another Keyhole. Inside the Keyhole was a strange dimension which messed with Sora's dimension, however Sora continued onwards and defeated the bug, a Guard Armor, responsible for the town's glitches.

Back at the castle the journal came up with the same message as the first: "There are more hurts than the one you have just undone", another strange record of Pluto came up which Jiminy hadn't recorded. Before any of them could ponder this Heartless attacked inside the castle! Mickey and company tried to rush to their friend's aid, but the door wouldn't budge. Someone or something had locked them in the room.

Episode 3

Unable to leave the library to see if more Heartless have invaded Disney Castle, the King and the others decide the best thing they can do is watch over Data-Sora.

In the meantime, Data-Sora arrives in Wonderland. He quickly saves Alice from a swarm of Heartless, but finds that she has lost some of her memory. The Cheshire Cat explains that litteral Inklings of people's memory have been scattered throughout the land; Data-Sora decides to find the Inklings to help restore Alice's memory as she believes to have seen a Keyhole before. Traversing the wacky landscape, Data-Sora finds Inklings and helps restore some of the other resident's short-term memories, earning more Inklings in return.

Once he's gathered enough Inklings, Data-Sora successfuly helps Alice remember that the Keyhole is in the Queen of Hearts' court. Unfortunately, the hot-headed Queen decides she's found the ones who stole her memory; Data-Sora tries explaining things, but decides against, sending Alice away for her own safety. Finding the Keyhole in a birdcage next to the Queen, Data-Sora proceeds to enter it. Inside the Keyhole, Data-Sora faces off with the Trickmaster, who he finds can alter Wonderland's already-insane laws of physics to turn things upside down, or sideways. Upon the Heartless's defeat, everyone's memory returns to normal. However, the cloack figure appears again and gives another cryptic message. On Mickey's order, Data-Sora follows the stranger.

Everyone ponders who this stranger is, with Donald wondering if it's a survivor of Organization XIII. A pounding comes from the doors, and they swing open to reveal Data-Sora!!! Everyone is left shocked until the cloaked figure appears in the room and reveals himself to be Data-Riku; Data-Riku explains that he was chosen as a vessel to shield the Journal's memories from corruption. He further elaborates that he transported everyone into the Datascape prior to Data-Sora's fight with Darkside. Unfortunately, a hacker breaks into the Datascape, severing the link to the real world; the bugs prevent him from creating another link back outside. Data-Sora decides to finish debugging the Datascape to help Mickey and the others get back home. 

Episode 4

In Episode 4, it is revealed that The King, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy were no longer in the real world. Jiminy's journal, having taken the form of Riku, took them into the Datascape, which is why Heartless are present and the doors have been locked. Chip and Dale are in the real world trying to communicate with them, but are unsuccessful.

Episode 5

In Episode 5, Pete is revealed to be from the real world to interfere with whatever is going on in the Datascape. He then leaves the Data Olympus Coliseum, and the Data-Sora follows him to the Data Agrabah.

Episode 6

In Episode 6, Mickey and Jiminy's Journal arrive in a new area of the Datascape and dispatch the Shadows. Pete explained that when he was in Disney Castle to spy on King Mickey and the others, he saw the bright light that brought him into the Datascape. Maleficent also appears in the Datascape, who has made it her goal to rule the Datascape.

Episode 7

Maleficent destroys Data-Sora's Keyblade and he follows Pete to Hollow Bastion. Once Sora had reached up to Pete, he chased him into the castle. Inside however, Pete trapped him in a room full of Heartless. Sora was unable to fight them off without the Keyblade and when it looked like it would become the end of the hero, Goofy arrived, defeating the Heartless. Afterwards, Pete had fled into a room with a door that required the party to have a Heartless Emblem to open. As they searched, they saw Donald running to find Sora and Goofy. They caught up with him, and found the rest of the pieces needed to open the door. There, Sora regained his Keyblade and confronted Pete. After many attacks, dodging, and taunting, Pete was defeated. Not wanting to give up so easily, Pete revealed his trump card: Data-Riku, bugged. Pete left the two to fight each other. The friends exchanged many blows and Riku did not give up easily. After his defeat, however Sora had to de-bug him. Mickey and friends tried to stop him but eventually he talked them into it. Sora went through various bugged versions of the worlds he was in before ending with a rematch against Data-Riku. Afterward, the Keyblade Wielder found Maleficent and fought her in her dragonic form. Then, Sora took a run through the Datascape and came across a deadlier version of the Darkside. Thinking he had already defeated the Pureblood in Destiny Islands already, he was confused. He fought the Heartless only to find that this too, had a trick up its sleeve. A copy of Sora, AntiSora was fought. He had many attacks, each deadlier than the last. After its defeat it wanted a rematch, and summoned copies of itself. Defeated yet again, the Heartless fought once more and was knocked out. Sora stated "when is this gonna end?" only to be struck again. Once the Heartless was defeated, Mickey came along and held it back. This revealed the Heatless' true form: a Shadow. Once the battle was over, Sora ended up in Castle Oblivion.

Episode 8

After Data-Sora defeated Sora's Heartless, he found himself in Castle Oblivion, there he met Roxas (who he didn't know at the time). Roxas gave Sora the cards to get through the castle, each card took him to the previous worlds he was at before. Upon the completion of the Destiny Islands card, Roxas tells Sora there is no script to follow, he can do whatever he wanted because all the people are just illusions. In his words, "There is no feeling. You can mess with people 100% guilt-free." He then gave Sora the other 6 cards to complete Castle Oblivion and Sora was able to complete each world as a memory. There were other forms of the cards, a Normal card for following the script, and an Alternate and an Extra card. If Sora obtained each and every card he could meet up with Yuffie and Leon and earn the Heat Sync Band. After Sora obtained a card for each world, Roxas appeared and talked to him. When Sora mentions it pained him to not remember any of the people he met, Roxas told him he knew what real hurt was and challenged Sora to a battle, using Oathkeeper and Oblivion. After Sora won, Roxas faded away and Sora obtained his memories. Sora stated that as they fought, he felt the pain that Roxas endured (in 358/2 Days). Roxas left Sora a parting gift, the card for Castle Oblivion itself, and thus ending the game. If one does Castle Oblivion's score attack on any difficulty, they get Oathkeeper after the fight.

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

The Datascape is mentioned several times during this game. The first occasion being when Pete and Maleficent told Mickey that they needed data of all worlds from the Datascape to facilitate their plans. During The World That Never Was portion of this game, Young Xehanort mentioned Sora's having visited Traverse Town many times; this including Data-Sora's visit to the world.


KHREC icon Name Journal Entry
Data-Sora KHREC
Data-Sora (データ・ソラ Dēta Sora?)
See Gallery

A boy chosen by a strange sword called a "Keyblade." After his island home was lost to the darkness, he joined forces with Donald, Goofy, and Mickey and saved all worlds. All these adventures were carefully recorded in Jiminy's journals.

Inside the datascape generated within the computer, a digital version of the real Sora (Data-Sora) quests in our hero's stead.

Riku Journal
Data-Riku (データ・リク Dēta Riku?)
See Gallery

An entity that looks just like Sora's friend Riku. He is, however, not the real deal.

Data-Riku was chosen as a sort of ark to keep all the collective data within Jiminy's journal safe from bugs; in a way, he IS the journal now. But even he could not explain the cause of the bugs, so, after adopting Riku's appearance, he "imported" Mickey and friends to help solve the mystery.

Shadow (KHII)
Sora's Heartless (ソラ・ハートレス Sora-Hātoresu?)
See Gallery

Sora’s Heartless, who has gained incredible power within the confines of the datascape. He can dive underground and then reemerge for a brutal attack, so stay on your toes and be ready to dodge.

List of Datascape Worlds

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