Data Donald is a form Donald Duck takes when he and his friends are converted into data forms when they enter the world of Space Paranoids.

In this form, Donald is still able to use magic and fight with his regular fighting skills.

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Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

The Wise Little Hen (1934)

The Royal Court Magician. He left Disney Castle on a quest to find King Mickey.

Donald tried to use Ansem's computer to find the King, but his impatient banging caused the MCP to transport the three friends into the world inside the computer system.


In his Data Form, Donald's clothing is transformed into grey, robotic armor covered in glowing, cyan computer circuitry. His feet are also covered in this armor, and he wears similarly patterned gloves with black fingers and bulges at the cuffs reminiscent of the bracelets he normally wears.

His beak becomes grey and his feathers remain white, but both have a faint blue tint due to the lights on Donald's armor and around Space Paranoids. In this form, Donald’s weapons are also covered in circuitry.


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