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DL Vanitas

Vanitas (ヴァニタス Vanitasu?) is a Dimension Link for Ventus in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix.

Ventus obtains it once he reduces Vanitas to one HP during their battle in the Dive to the Heart, and must use its "Last Word" Finish Command to finish Vanitas off once and for all. As it can only be used during this boss fight, it is impossible to level up.


The Vanitas D-Link enables fast, strong attacks using darkness, much like Vanitas's actual fighting style. It also changes Ventus's Shotlock Command to "Dark Link", and allows Ventus to hover in the void left in the Dive to the Heart when the Station was destroyed.


Level 0Edit

DL VanitasAvatar
Command Deck

Exclusive CommandsEdit

Dark SpiralEdit

In Dark Spiral (ダークスパイラル Dāku Supairaru?), the player charges forward at a fast pace, covered in light energy. If the enemy is hit, then the player can input two button presses to follow up with two more charges, similar to Sonic Blade and Chaos Blade.

When clashing with Vanitas while using Dark Spiral, the player can win the clash by quickly rotating the analog stick counter-clockwise.

Dark SplicerEdit

In Dark Splicer (ダークスプライサー Dāku Supuraisā?), the player teleports towards the enemy, slowing down time while slashing multiple times, teleporting around the enemy, attacking from all sides, similar to Time Splicer without freezing time first. The player has a choice of continuing the attack by pressing the buttons prompted.

Dark LinkEdit

Dark Link (ダークオブリンク Dāku obu Rinku?, lit. "Dark of Link") is a light version of Vanitas's personal Shotlock, Dark Cannon. Three crystals appear in a trigram formation, and project rays that fuse and become a giant beam of light energy.

When clashing with Vanitas while using Dark Link, the player can win the clash by rapidly tapping B x (B c in Japan).

Last WordEdit

Last Word (ラストチャージ Rasuto Chāji?, lit. "Last Charge") creates three beams of crystallized light, followed by a powerful slash through the columns in the direction you are facing. Therefore, if you are not locked on, and not facing Vanitas, it is possible to miss with this attack.


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