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Dark Ingot

Dark Ingot (ダークインゴット) is a rare synthesis item in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. They are used in the creation of several Ring Panels.


Dark Ingot is represented by a dark purple jewel with a Mineral material structure.

An "ingot" is a material cast into a shape more suitable for processing. "Dark" clearly reflects the material's dark coloration.


  • Drops from Mega-Shadows, Rare Vendors, and Commanders during mid-level Missions.
  • Available for one-time purchase of 1200 Heart Points once Agent Rank is obtained.
  • Found in treasure chests in Missions 51 and 57.
  • Awarded as a Random Bonus for Missions 51, 55, and 57.
  • Awarded as a Clear Bonus for Missions 55, 57, and 58.
  • Search all the Balloons during Mission 52 and talk to Demyx on Day 224.

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