This article is about the costume decoration in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. You may be looking for the symbol itself.

The Crown is a new costume modification introduced in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. The Copper Crown is obtained when Sora acquires his first Proof, and as he gains more Proofs, it is upgraded to the Silver Crown, and then Gold Crown. Excluding in-game cutscenes, the crown appears on Sora's head regardless of what form or situation he is in.

The Proofs are key items which are obtained as rewards for clearing certain side-quests that were introduced in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix.

List of ProofsEdit

Item Description Obtained
Proof of Connection Proof of Connection (つながりの証 Tsunagari no Akashi?) Proof of winning the battle in the portal at Disney Castle. Perhaps it has changed Sora. Rewarded after defeating the Lingering Will.
Proof of Nonexistence Proof of Nonexistence (存在しない証 Sonzaishinai Akashi?) Proof of defeating all of Organization XIII's replica data in the Garden of Assemblage. Perhaps it has changed Sora. Rewarded after defeating each of the Organization XIII Replica Data.
Proof of Peace Proof of Peace (安らかなる証 Yasurakanaru Akashi?) Proof of appeasing the Mushroom XIII. Perhaps it has changed Sora. Rewarded after satisfying each member of the Mushroom XIII.


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