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Crimson Prankster
Crimson Prankster
Enemy Type Heartless
Role Boss
Origin Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
Home World Wonderland
Katakana ブリードパフォーマー
Romaji Burīdo Pafōmā

The Crimson Prankster is a character who can be found exclusively as a boss in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Journal EntriesEdit

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 DaysEdit

This newcomer to Wonderland splits in two, attacking as a pair. Unless both halves are defeated at the same time, they will continue the cycle of merging and splitting.

Counter its flamethrower with ice magic—Blizzaga if possible. Aeroga will halt its fiery spin attack.


Kingdom Hearts 358/2 DaysEdit

Roxas is assigned a Mission to Wonderland in order to exterminate a mysterious Heartless. Upon arrival, he drinks the medicine on the table of the Bizarre Room and shrinks as a result. The Crimson Prankster then appears out of the shadows. It has power over fire and the ability to multiply itself; it will finally fall after both it and its replica are destroyed. The heart it held captive is released, and Roxas's mission is complete.


A Crimson Prankster is a bizarre Heartless with spindly legs resembling scissor jacks, arms that appear and sound like they're made of paper, and a head that is made of several segments balanced of top of each other. Each of these segments sports its own face — though all of the faces have the same glowing yellow eyes and jagged mouths — and they alternate in color from pink to indigo. Its arms are black and it often juggles clubs with zig-zagging, black and yellow stripes on them.

It wears pink armor with large, indigo shoulder pads, a black codpiece, and has a very thin and small indigo body. The upper halves of its legs are indigo, while their lower halves are pink. Its feet are black, flat, and curl at the tips. Its design is slightly similar to the Kingdom Hearts Final Mix version of the Trickmaster. Despite appearing to be one of the largest Heartless Roxas fights, in reality it is roughly the size of Donald Duck, due to the shrinking potion.


The latter part of the Crimson Prankster's name shows its mischievous and carefree nature. In reference to the Trickmaster, the word "prankster" is a synonym of trickster. This shows the similar nature and appearance between the Trickmaster and the Crimson Prankster. The former part of the Heartless's name could be referencing its Japanese name, "Bleed Performer"; deep crimson being the color of blood.

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