Combo Tech (コンボアーツ Konbo Ātsu?, lit. "Combo Arts") is a synthesis item found in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It is used to make a variety of items, but its use is mostly focused on creating Ability Panels and Ring Panels; it is also used in some Gear Panels.


Combo Tech materials are represented by orange jewels with a Tech material structure.

The material's name refers to its use in synthesizing Gears that supplement combos.



Clear Bonuses

  • Awarded as a Random Bonus for Missions 53, 58, and 60.
  • Awarded as a Clear Bonus for Missions 28, 60, 62 (+), 64 (++), 72 (+), 73 (++), and 85 (++).

Other methods

  • Synthesize a Hi-Potion and talk to Demyx twice on Day 74 for a Combo Tech.
  • Talk to Xaldin on Day 152 for a Combo Tech.
  • Talk to Luxord on Day 256 for a Combo Tech++.

Items synthesized

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