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Chip (Teacup) KHII
Role Ally
Game(s) Kingdom Hearts II
Origin Beauty and the Beast
Home World Beast's Castle
Katakana チップ
Romaji Chippu

Chip is Mrs. Potts's son, originally appearing in Beauty and the Beast. Chip appears in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Like everybody else in Beast's Castle, he is turned into a household object: a little cup. Chip is the only character in Beast's Castle that doesn't have a voice actor.

Journal entriesEdit

Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

Mrs. Potts's little boy. Chip became a teacup when an enchantress put a spell on the castle.

His missing front tooth became a little chip on the rim of this teacup.


Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

Beast locked his servants in the dungeons after Xaldin came and tried to turn him into a Heartless. When Sora and the others came, they freed the servants and helped them save Beast from turning into a Heartless. Lumiere and the others showed them a short cut to the Beast's room.

Upon Sora's return, the Beast and Belle were having a party when Xaldin reappeared and took the Beast's enchanted rose. All that Chip could do was to observe the victory.

After the events of Kingdom Hearts II, Chip returned to his human form, just as everyone else in the castle did.


Chip is changed into a small, white teacup by the curse, and his rim sports a small chip in its right side—thus his name, Chip—that was apparently a missing front tooth in his human form. Both his rim and his handle—representing his nose—are gold. His base is purple with gold lining and an alternating pale blue and pale pink pattern on it. He also has blue eyes and arching black eyebrows.


This cup is often with his mother, and takes on the same, cheerful attitude his mother has. He is eager and curious, and likes to search for new, spectacular things. He has a very positive personality, but is also a bit too childish, and gets into a lot of trouble.


Chip first appeared in Walt Disney's Academy Award winning film, Beauty and the Beast. Chip is the son of Mrs. Potts and was turned into a household object -a teacup- as the result of the curse placed upon Beast's Castle and all its inhabitants.

In the film Chip befriended Belle during her time in Beast's Castle and he helped her and her father escape when they were captured by the antagonist of the film, Gaston. After the curse was lifted, Chip reverted to his human form of a young boy.

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