Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
Chaos Ripper
(カオスリーパー Chaos Reaper)
Chaos Ripper KHBBS
"A Keyblade with long reach that does little for your Magic, but provides an outstanding boost in Strength."
Strength Magic Length
+10 -2 Long
Critical Rate Damage
25% x1.5
Defeat Master Eraqus.

Chaos Ripper (カオスリーパー Kaosu Rīpā?, lit. "Chaos Reaper") is a Keyblade that can be wielded by Terra in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix. It has maximum reach and the highest strength boost of any Keyblade in the game. However, the Chaos Ripper is also the only Keyblade to lower magic, resulting in Terra's magic attacks being very weak.


The Chaos Ripper is a long Keyblade that appears chipped and very asymmetrical in its design. The handle is smooth and red-orange and is surrounded by a roughly rectangular guard. The guard is predominantly black, though it fades into dark red toward the base of the blade, and has uneven, chipped spikes on each of its corners. The shaft of the blade is black with a faded bronze border along its edges, which are lined with prominent chips.

The head of the blade is decorated by several chipped and oddly-shaped red-orange spikes with black tips, which also form the teeth. A blue eye is also set in the head of the blade. The Keychain token is a blue jewel and resembles a heavily simplified version of the Darkgnaw Keychain. The Chaos Ripper's overall design bears a resemblance to both the Darkgnaw and the Ends of the Earth.

The latter half of the Chaos Ripper's name reflects the Keyblade's tattered appearance. "Reaper", from the Japanese name", references the Grim Reaper, emphasizing the Keyblade's dark nature and design. "Chaos" may refer to the destruction of the Land of Departure or the haphazard design of some parts of the Keyblade.

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