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American cards

ADA-88: Olympus Coliseum [R]
Olympus Coliseum ADA-88
[Dark No-limit] Card placementYou may choose one "Hercules" card of level 3 or above from your deck and reveal it. If you do so, put that card into your hand and shuffle your deck.
Type Level
World 2
ADA-89: Olympus Coliseum [U]
Olympus Coliseum ADA-89
[Dark 3] Magic Cards cannot be played here.
Type Level
World 3
BoD-146: Olympus Coliseum [C]
[Dark 1] During any battle or challenge that takes place here, all Olympus Coliseum Friend Cards gain +1 Support Value.
Type Level
World 1
BoD-148: Olympus Coliseum [U]
[Dark 3] Magic Cards cannot be played here.
Type Level
World 3


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