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Role Ally, Antihero, Assistant
Game(s) Kingdom Hearts II
Origin Alice Solves the Puzzle
Home World Timeless River
Katakana ピート
Romaji Pīto
English Voice
Jim Cummings
Japanese Voice
Tōru Ōhira
"Hey you! Seen any bad guys around here?"
—Captain Pete

Back in the times before Disney Castle stood where it does now, there was a steamboat service run near the future castle's site. Riding up and down the Timeless River, the steamboat was a treasured part of the area, and would dock at the local Wharf with supplies. The shipmaster and captain of the steamboat was the grumpy, yet goodhearted, Pete.

Before he became the evil man that Queen Minnie banished to another dimension, Pete was Mickey's boss.

Journal entriesEdit

Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

First entry

Steamboat Willie (1928)

Captain of a river steamboat; this is a different Pete than the one we know. He doesn't seem to have any connection with the Heartless. Why, he doesn't even recognize Sora, Donald, and Goofy!

I wonder if he's just trying to trick us.

Second entry

Steamboat Willie (1928)

Captain of a river steamboat. He's Pete, but from the past. A long time ago, King Mickey started out working for Pete on his boat.

Somehow, Pete's managed to get his boat stolen by himself -- that is, by the Pete from the future!


Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

When Sora traveled back in time to find the reason for the evil surrounding Disney Castle, he was quick to blame past-Pete, unaware that he is the Pete of the past. However, when Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy pointed their fingers to answer past-Pete's question if they saw any bad guys, the offended shipmaster could have cared less. Though mad at such an accusation, past-Pete had more on his mind--somebody stole his steamboat, and his first mate Mickey was missing.

Though past-Pete continued on to the Port, this didn't stop Sora from chasing after him. Again pointing fingers, Sora attacked Pete, even though he claimed innocent, not even knowing what was going on. Sora, Donald, and Goofy didn't cut off the attack until poor Pete injured his back. Deciding that somehow this Pete was innocent (he never even summoned Heartless to his aid), Sora and his friends apologized to past-Pete for the attack and promised to help him find his steamboat.

Later on, Sora met past-Pete again--this time fighting Pete! Both the Pete from the past and the Pete Sora and gang knew were arguing with each other. Pete, determined that his (and Past-Pete's) future was at stake, pushed the Pete from the past over and stole his steamboat.

Past-Pete assisted Sora during the boss battle against Pete. However, he didn't act much different than in their last encounter; Sora could attack and harm Past-Pete all the same, and vice versa. But by attacking Past-Pete enough, he'd charge or make an impact wave that could injure Pete.

After Pete left the Timeless River (chased off by Past Pete, who still had no idea that the "creep" was his future self), Past-Pete was so gracious that he let Sora take a spin on his steamboat. He appears again during the end credits riding his steamboat as the past Mickey rides on the back. After completing Timeless River, Past Pete can be found at Cornerstone Hill rather than at the docks.


Captain Pete strongly resembles the modern-day Pete greatly, but, like all natives of the Timeless River, he has a stylized, monochromatic version of his appearance. He has black fur, very large eyes with pupils set close together. His mouth is white and he has four short whiskers, two on either side of his oval-shaped, black nose. His teeth are very straight and white.

While still fairly heavy, Captain Pete appears to be thinner than he is in his other forms. He dresses in grey overalls held up with a single strap over his right shoulder, showing a tail from behind. The strap is secured by a white button and his feet are covered by black fishing boots. His captain's hat is a tall, cylindrical, white hat with a grey symbol shaped like a rounded triangle on its front and a puffy, black additive on its top. The hat's overall appearance resembles one of his steamboat’s smokestacks, with the black additive resembling smoke.


In the 1928 cartoon Steamboat Willie, Captain Pete made his first full-fledged appearance as Mickey Mouse's feline antagonist. Even though he is the main antagonist, Pete's role in Steamboat Willie is relatively smaller compared to Mickey and Minnie's roles, appearing only at the beginning to throw Mickey back onto the deck to work, and at the very end when he stops Mickey and Minnie from their mischief and punishes Mickey by ordering him to peel potatoes.

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