Block Tigger
Block Tigger
Kana/Kanji ティガーブロック
Rōmaji Tigā Burokku
Game(s) Kingdom Hearts
World(s) 100 Acre Wood
Reward(s) Mythril Shard

Block Tigger (ティガーブロック Tigā Burokku?) is a mini-game located in the 100 Acre Wood in which Sora has to block Tigger from bouncing on Rabbit's carrots in his big garden outside his house.

The game's score is calculated by multiplying the number of times you block Tigger by the number of Rabbit's carrots you save. In order to unlock Sora's Cheer ability one needs to receive a score of 150 or higher.


Pooh is stuck in the entrance to Rabbit's house. Rabbit suggests getting carrot juice so that it will be easier to push and pull Pooh out. Rabbit sends Sora to get some carrots so that Rabbit can make carrot juice. Just as Sora goes to get the carrots Tigger tackles him and introduces himself and explains that his bouncing spot has "disappeared" and he will use Rabbit's garden as a substitute. With that, he bounces over to Rabbit's garden and destroys a bridge. Rabbit asks Sora to save the carrots and prevent Tigger from destroying the carrots. As Sora approaches Tigger, Owl gives a quick tutorial of the mini-game, then starts the mini-game. After the mini-game Tigger bounces off and Sora grabs the carrots he saved and gives them to Rabbit. Rabbit then makes carrot juice and puts it around the hole, the two and piglet proceed to get Pooh out of the hole, Rabbit pushes Pooh from inside his house and Sora and Piglet pull Pooh from the outside of the house. The results are successful and Pooh is launched from the hole. However, Pooh lands into pots of honey. The Torn page is completed and it rewards Sora with a Mythril.


This mini-game is not so hard. Just select the Rush command at the right time on the bottom of your commands when Tigger bounces high up in the air and Sora will automatically rush to the carrot that Tigger is about to jump on. If successful, Sora will catch Tigger before Tigger lands on the carrot and will throw Tigger up in the sky. You will know if you do this right because Tigger says his trademark quotes if you do it right, "Hoo hoo hooo!" and "The most wonderful thing about Tiggers is that I'm the only one!". Failing to do so or selecting Rush too late will result in Tigger landing on a carrot. If Tigger lands on the same carrot twice, the carrot will be destroyed. Sometimes the Rush command is unreliable and will not appear, you can run around randomly and hope to get it if this happens, but this is rare.


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