Donald Pride Lands KHII

Bird Form is the form Donald Duck takes when the trio of heroes visit the Pride Lands and they are all transformed into animals.

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Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

The Wise Little Hen (1934)

The Royal Court Magician. He's traveling the worlds with Sora and Goofy in search of the King.

Donald's got new wings in this world. So, naturally, he got the hang of it right away.


In Donald's Bird Form, he is transformed into a tropical bird. He retains his blue hat, but otherwise does not wear clothes. His webbed feet are converted into common bird's talons, and he always holds his staff in these claws at all times, though his combo attacks are unavailable in this form.

His plumage is predominantly white, but the tips of his wings and tail feathers are a striking blue. He has three tail feathers that curl deeply at the tips. In this form, Donald bears a vague resemblance to Zazu, the aid to the king of Pride Rock in The Lion King.


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