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Behemoth KH

Final Mix Behemoth

Enemy Type Heartless
Role Boss
Origin Kingdom Hearts
Home World Hollow Bastion, Olympus Coliseum
Katakana ベヒーモス
Romaji Behīmosu

The Behemoth is an Emblem Heartless, encountered exclusively as a boss in Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, and Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

Journal entriesEdit

Kingdom HeartsEdit

Immensely powerful Heartless. With their large frame, they trample enemies, and repel most attacks. Damaging their weak point makes them lose consciousness. Strike them with potent attacks while they are down.

Kingdom Hearts Re:codedEdit

A slow and lumbering Heartless—and be thankful for that, because the power at its command is tremendous. Be especially careful not to get trampled.


Kingdom HeartsEdit

The Behemoth is one of the three powerful Heartless released by the Final Keyhole. The other two leave to attack Neverland and Agrabah, while Behemoth remains and guards the Keyhole. Other Behemoths are also found in the Hades Cup and End of the World. These Behemoths were repurposed as the Destroyed and Arc Behemoths in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.

Kingdom Hearts Re:codedEdit

The Behemoth is a boss in Olympus Coliseum's Layer 25. It is one of four sources of the Bug Blox corruption in the Olympus Coliseum.


A Behemoth is a massive, quadrupedal Heartless. Its body is predominantly lilac in color, but its back and all four of its legs are violet. Each of the Behemoth's legs have two toes with black claws. It has two large, curved tusks sprouting from its lower jaw that are white on their upper half and lilac on their lower half. The Behemoth's conical, black horn is on its forehead. Like most other Heartless, it has yellow eyes and a jagged maw. Its Heartless emblem is on its chest.

It is based on Behemoths from the Final Fantasy series; large purple monsters with two bull-like horns and a lion-like body.

Other appearancesEdit

Though the Behemoth and Wyvern appeared in cutscenes for the Battle of the 1000 Heartless in Kingdom Hearts II, the Behemoths and Wyverns were removed from the battle in the finished product.

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