Kingdom Hearts II
Battlefields of War
"Deals various attacks."
Strength Magic
+3 +0
Buy Sell
Auron's Default Weapon

Battlefields of War is Auron's sword in Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. This blade does not appear in his original game, Final Fantasy X; it was created for Kingdom Hearts II, although it does resemble Auron's first weapon in Final Fantasy X. Auron uses it with wide slashes to take down even larger enemies.


The Battlefields of War has a long, turquoise handle with a gold pommel. Its guard is blue-green and decorated with swirling, yellow patterns.

The blade itself is quite large. The Battlefields of War resembles Auron's starting weapon in Final Fantasy X, a sword known as the "Katana". Although classed as a katana, it seems more closely related to the zanbatō, or even to the nodachi.

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