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A Backpack is a support panel only available in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It allows you to carry two more items in the field when equipped. There is only a maximum of three Backpack panels in the game, allowing you to carry six additional items, although when you link them all to a Pack Extender, it lets you carry a maximum of twelve items.

How to Obtain

  • Buy one from the Moogle shop for 480 munny, available at rookie rank.
  • Completion reward in Mission 22
  • Chest in Mission 34 (Requires Glide)

Pack Extender

Pack Extender

The Pack Extender is a support panel that can increase the amount of items you can hold on a mission with each Backpack linked to it.

Each linked Backpack lets you hold four more items, and a fully occupied Pack Extender can let you hold up to twelve more items. There is only one Pack Extender in the game, along with three Backpacks to link with it.

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