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List of Parts



No. Part Name
1Bods-1-Body 1Body 1 (ボディー1 Bodī 1?)
2Bods-2-Body 2Body 2 (ボディー2 Bodī 2?)

No. Part Name
3Bods-3-Body 3Body 3 (ボディー3 Bodī 3?)
4Bods-4-Body 4Body 4 (ボディー4 Bodī 4?)

No. Part Name
5Bods-5-Body 5Body 5 (ボディー5 Bodī 5?)


No. Part Name
1Lips-1-Pink LipsPink Lips (ピンク Pinku?, lit. Pink)
2Lips-2-Orange LipsOrange Lips (オレンジ Orenji?, lit. Orange)

No. Part Name
3Lips-3-Brown LipsBrown Lips (ブラウン Buraun?, lit. Brown)
4Lips-4-Beige LipsBeige Lips (ライトブラウン Raito Buraun?, lit. Light Brown)

No. Part Name
5Lips-5-Grey LipsGrey Lips (グレー Gurē?, lit. Grey)


No. Part Name
1Peepers-1-Blue EyesBlue Eyes (ノーマル(ブルー) Nōmaru (Burū)?, lit. Normal (Blue))
2Peepers-2-Red EyesRed Eyes (ノーマル(レッド) Nōmaru (Reddo)?, lit. Normal (Red))
3Peepers-3-Baby Blue EyesBaby Blue Eyes (ノーマル(ライトブルー) Nōmaru (Raito Burū)?, lit. Normal (Light Blue))
4Peepers-4-Brown EyesBrown Eyes (ノーマル(ブラウン) Nōmaru (Buraun)?, lit. Normal (Brown))
5Peepers-5-Black EyesBlack Eyes (ノーマル(ブラック) Nōmaru (Burakku)?, lit. Normal (Black))
6Peepers-6-Lashes-Dark BlueLashes: Dark Blue (まつ毛(ダークブルー) Matsuge (Dāku Burū)?, lit. Eyelashes (Dark Blue))
7Peepers-7-Lashes-RedLashes: Red (まつ毛(レッド) Matsuge (Reddo)?, lit. Eyelashes (Red))
8Peepers-8-Lashes-Baby BlueLashes: Baby Blue (まつ毛(ライトブルー) Matsuge (Raito Burū)?, lit. Eyelashes (Light Blue))
9Peepers-9-Lashes-BrownLashes: Brown (まつ毛(ブラウン) Matsuge (Buraun)?, lit. Eyelashes (Brown))
10Peepers-10-Lashes-BlackLashes: Black (まつ毛(ブラック) Matsuge (Burakku)?, lit. Eyelashes (Black))
11Peepers-11-Eyeshadow-PurpleEyeshadow: Purple (アイシャドウ(パープル) Aishadou (Pāpuru)?, lit. Eyeshadow (Purple))

No. Part Name
12Peepers-12-Eyeshadow-RedEyeshadow: Red (アイシャドウ(レッド) Aishadou (Reddo)?, lit. Eyeshadow (Red))
13Peepers-13-Eyeshadow-BlueEyeshadow: Blue (アイシャドウ(ブルー) Aishadou (Burū)?, lit. Eyeshadow (Blue))
14Peepers-14-Eyeshadow-BrownEyeshadow: Brown (アイシャドウ(ブラウン) Aishadou (Buraun)?, lit. Eyeshadow (Brown))
15Peepers-15-Eyeshadow-GreyEyeshadow: Grey (アイシャドウ(グレー) Aishadou (Gurē)?, lit. Eyeshadow (Grey))
16Peepers-16-Sora B's EyesSora B's Eyes (ソラB Sora B?, lit. Sora B)
17Peepers-17-Cobalt Blue EyesCobalt Blue Eyes (ノーマル(コバルトブルー) Nōmaru (Kobaruto Burū)?, lit. Normal (Cobalt Blue))
18Peepers-18-Goofy B's EyesGoofy B's Eyes (グーフィーB Gūfī B?, lit. Goofy B)
19Peepers-19-Green EyesGreen Eyes (ノーマル(グリーン) Nōmaru (Gurīn)?, lit. Normal (Green))
20Peepers-20-Light Brown EyesLight Brown Eyes (ノーマル(ライトブラウン) Nōmaru (Raito Buraun)?, lit. Normal (Light Brown))
21Peepers-21-Ansem's EyesAnsem's Eyes (アンセムの目 Ansemu no Me?)
22Peepers-22-Daisy's EyesDaisy's Eyes (デイジーの目 Deijī no Me?)

No. Part Name
23Peepers-23-Yuna's EyesYuna's Eyes (ユウナの目 Yuuna no Me?)
24Peepers-24-Rikku's EyesRikku's Eyes (リュックの目 Ryukku no Me?)
25Peepers-25-Sora D's EyesSora D's Eyes (ソラD Sora D?, lit. Sora D)
26Peepers-26-Goofy D's EyesGoofy D's Eyes (グーフィーD Gūfī D?, lit. Goofy D)
27Peepers-27-Donald D's EyesDonald D's Eyes (ドナルドD Donarudo D?, lit. Donald D)
28Peepers-28-Lashes-GreenLashes: Green (まつ毛(グリーン) Matsuge (Gurīn)?, lit. Eyelashes (Green))
29Peepers-29-Yellow EyesYellow Eyes (ノーマル(イエロー) Nōmaru (Ierō)?, lit. Normal (Yellow))
30Peepers-30-Orange EyesOrange Eyes (ノーマル(オレンジ) Nōmaru (Orenji)?, lit. Normal (Orange))
31Peepers-31-Purple EyesPurple Eyes (ノーマル(パープル) Nōmaru (Pāpuru)?, lit. Normal (Purple))
32Peepers-32-Setzer's EyesSetzer's Eyes (セッツァーの目 Settsā no Me?)
33Peepers-33-Auron's EyesAuron's Eyes (アーロンの目 Āron no Me?)


No. Part Name
1Cowlick A- BrownCowlick A: Brown (さいしょの髪A(ブラウン) Saisho no Kami A (Buraun)?)
2002 Sora A's HairSora A's Hair (ソラAの髪 Sora A no Kami?)
3Riku A's HairRiku A's Hair (リクAの髪 Riku A no Kami?)
4004 Kairi A's HairKairi A's Hair (カイリAの髪 Kairi A no Kami?)
5005 Cloud A's HairCloud A's Hair (クラウドAの髪 Kuraudo A no Kami?)
6006 Roxas's HairRoxas's Hair (ロクサスの髪 Rokusasu no Kami?)
7Bookworm- BrownBookworm: Brown (ベリーショート(ブラウン) Berī Shōto (Buraun)?)
8Ceasar Cut- BrownCeasar Cut: Brown (ショート1(ブラウン) Shōto 1 (Buraun)?)
9Bob Cut- BrownBob Cut: Brown (ショート2(ブラウン) Shōto 2 (Buraun)?)
10Layered- BrownLayered: Brown (ミディアム1(ブラウン) Midiamu 1 (Buraun)?)
11Long Hair- BrownLong Hair: Brown (ロング1(ブラウン) Rongu 1 (Buraun)?)
12Cowlick B- BrownCowlick B: Brown (さいしょの髪B(ブラウン) Saisho no Kami B (Buraun)?)
13Donald's HairDonald's Hair (ドナルドの髪 Donarudo no Kami?)
14Goofy's HairGoofy's Hair (グーフィーの髪 Gūfī no Kami?)
15King Mickey's HairKing Mickey's Hair (王様の髪 Ōsama no Kami?)
16Chip's HairChip's Hair (チップの髪 Chippu no Kami?)
17Dale's HairDale's Hair (デールの髪 Dēru no Kami?)
18Wakka's HairWakka's Hair (ワッカの髪 Wakka no Kami?)
19Selphie's HairSelphie's Hair (セルフィAの髪 Serufi A no Kami?)
20Tidus A's HairTidus A's Hair (ティーダAの髪 Tīda A no Kami?)
21Cowlick A- BlackCowlick A: Black (さいしょの髪A(ブラック) Saisho no Kami A (Burakku)?)
22Cowlick A- SilverCowlick A: Silver (さいしょの髪A(シルバー) Saisho no Kami A (Shirubā)?)
23Cowlick A- GoldCowlick A: Gold (さいしょの髪A(ゴールド) Saisho no Kami A (Gōrudo)?)
24Cowlick B- BlackCowlick B: Black (さいしょの髪B(ブラック) Saisho no Kami B (Burakku)?)
25Cowlick B- SilverCowlick B: Silver (さいしょの髪B(シルバー) Saisho no Kami B (Shirubā)?)
26Cowlick B- GoldCowlick B: Gold (さいしょの髪B(ゴールド) Saisho no Kami B (Gōrudo)?)
27Sora B's HairSoar B's Hair (ソラBの髪 Sora B no Kami?)
28Ceasar Cut- BlackCeasar Cut: Black (ショート1(ブラック) Shōto 1 (Burakku)?)
29Ceasar Cut- SilverCeasar Cut: Silver (ショート1(シルバー) Shōto 1 (Shirubā)?)
30Ceasar Cut- GoldCeasar Cut: Gold (ショート1(ゴールド) Shōto 1 (Gōrudo)?)
31Bookworm- BlackBookworm: Black (ベリーショート(ブラック) Berī Shōto (Burakku)?)
32Bookworm- SilverBookworm: Silver (ショート2(シルバー) Shōto 2 (Shirubā)?)
33Bookworm- GoldBookworm: Gold (ショート2(ゴールド) Shōto 2 (Gōrudo)?)
34Bob Cut- BlackBob Cut: Black (ショート2(ブラック) Shōto 2 (Burakku)?)
35Bob Cut- SilverBob Cut: Silver (ショート2(シルバー) Shōto 2 (Shirubā)?)
36Bob Cut- GoldBob Cut: Gold (ショート2(ゴールド) Shōto 2 (Gōrudo)?)
37Layered- BlackLayered: Black (ミディアム1(ブラック) Midiamu 1 (Burakku)?)
38Layered- SilverLayered: Silver (ミディアム1(シルバー) Midiamu 1 (Shirubā)?)
39Layered- GoldLayered: Gold (ミディアム1(ゴールド) Midiamu 1 (Gōrudo)?)
40Long Hair- BlackLong Hair: Black (ロング1(ブラック) Rongu 1 (Burakku)?)
41Long Hair- SilverLong Hair: Silver (ロング1(シルバー) Rongu 1 (Shirubā)?)
42Long Hair- GoldLong Hair: Gold (ロング1(ゴールド) Rongu 1 (Gōrudo)?)
43Aerith A's HairAerith A's Hair (エアリスAの髪 Earisu A no Kami?)
44Yuffie A's HairYuffie A's Hair (ユフィAの髪+鉢巻 Yufi A no Kami + Hachimaki?)
45Leon's HairLeon's Hair (レオンの髪 Reon no Kami?)
46Cid's HairCid's Hair (シドの髪 Shido no Kami?)
47Geisha WigGeisha Wig (和装カツラ Wasō Katsura?)
48Neo-mullet - BlackNeo-mullet: Black (ツーブロック(ブラック) Tsūpurokku (Burakku)?)
49Neo-mullet - BrownNeo-mullet: Brown (ツーブロック(ブラウン) Tsūpurokku (Buraun)?)

No. Part Name
50Neo-mullet - OrangeNeo-mullet: Orange (ツーブロック(オレンジ) Tsūpurokku (Orenji)?)
51Neo-mullet - AshNeo-mullet: Ash (ツーブロック(アッシュ) Tsūpurokku (Asshu)?)
52Mohawk- BlackMohawk: Black (モヒカン(ブラック) Mohikan (Burakku)?)
53Mohawk- BrownMohawk: Brown (モヒカン(ブラウン) Mohikan (Buraun)?)
54Mohawk- GoldMohawk: Gold (モヒカン(ゴールド) Mohikan (Gōrudo)?)
55Mohawk- RedMohawk: Red (モヒカン(レッド) Mohikan (Reddo)?)
56Seifer's HairSeifer's Hair (サイファーの髪 Saifā no Kami?)
57Fuu's HairFuu's Hair (フウの髪 Fuu no Kami?)
58Rai's HairRai's Hair (ライの髪 Rai no Kami?)
59Pete's HairPete's Hair (ピートの髪 Pīto no Kami?)
60Ansem's HairAnsem's Hair (アンセムの髪 Ansemu no Kami?)
61Daisy's HairDaisy's Hair (デイジーの髪 Deijī no Kami?)
62Queen Minnie's HairQueen Minnie's Hair (ミニーの髪 Minī no Kami?)
63Yuna's HairYuna's Hair (ユウナの髪 Yuuna no Kami?)
64Rikku's HairRikku's Hair (リュックの髪 Ryukku no Kami?)
65Paine's HairPaine's Hair (パインの髪 Pain no Kami?)
66Buzz Cut- BrownBuzz Cut: Brown (ベリーショート2(ブラウン) Berī Shōto (Buraun)?)
67Buzz Cut- GoldBuzz Cut: Gold (ベリーショート2(ゴールド) Berī Shōto (Gōrudo)?)
68Buzz Cut- SilverBuzz Cut: Silver (ベリーショート2(ゴールド) Berī Shōto (Shirubā)?)
69Buzz Cut- BlackBuzz Cut: Black (ベリーショート2(ブラック) Berī Shōto (Buraun)?)
70Pageboy- BrownPageboy: Brown (ミディアム2(ブラウン) Midiamu 2 (Buraun)?)
71Pageboy- GoldPageboy: Gold (ミディアム2(ゴールド) Midiamu 2 (Gōrudo)?)
72Pageboy- SilverPageboy: Silver (ミディアム2(シルバー) Midiamu 2 (Shirubā)?)
73Pageboy- BlackPageboy: Black (ミディアム2(ブラック) Midiamu (Burakku)?)
74French Twist- BrownFrench Twist: Brown (アレンジ1(ブラウン) Arenji 1 (Buraun)?)
75French Twist- GoldFrench Twist: Gold (アレンジ1(ゴールド) Arenji 1 (Gōrudo)?)
76French Twist- SilverFrench Twist: Silver (アレンジ1(シルバー) Arenji 1 (Shirubā)?)
77French Twist- BlackFrench Twist: Black (アレンジ1(ブラック) Arenji 1 (Burakku)?)
78Sora C's HairSora C's Hair (ソラCの髪 Sora C no Kami?)
79Riku B's HairRiku B's Hair (リクBの髪 Riku B no Kami?)
80Kairi B's HairKairi B's Hair (カイリBの髪 Kairi B no Kami?)
81Naminé's HairNaminé's Hair (ナミネの髪 Namine no Kami?)
82Firion's HairFirion's Hair (フリオニールの髪 Firionīru no Kami?)
83Onion Knight HelmOnion Knight Helm (オニオンナイトのヘルム Onion Naito no Herumu?)
84Dreads- BrownDreads: Brown (ミディアム3(ブラウン) Midiamu 3 (Buraun)?)
85Dreads- GoldDreads: Gold (ミディアム3(ゴールド) Midiamu 3 (Gōrudo)?)
86Dreads- SilverDreads: Silver (ミディアム3(シルバー) Midiamu 3 (Shirubā)?)
87Dreads- BlackDreads: Black (ミディアム3(ブラック) Midiamu 3 (Burakku)?)
88Spiked- BrownSpiked: Brown (ミディアム4(ブラウン) Midiamu 4 (Buraun)?)
89Spiked- GoldSpiked: Gold (ミディアム4(ゴールド) Midiamu 4 (Gōrudo)?)
90Spiked- SilverSpiked: Silver (ミディアム4(シルバー) Midiamu 4 (Shirubā)?)
91Spiked- BlackSpiked: Black (ミディアム4(ブラック) Midiamu 4 (Burakku)?)
92Pigtails- BrownPigtails:Brown (アレンジ2(ブラウン) Arenji 2 (Buraun)?)
93Pigtails- GoldPigtails: Gold (アレンジ2(ゴールド) Arenji 2 (Gōrudo)?)
94Pigtails- SilverPigtails: Silver (アレンジ2(シルバー) Arenji 2 (Shirubā)?)
95Pigtails- BlackPigtails: Black (アレンジ2(ブラック) Arenji 2 (Burakku)?)
96Hayner's HairHayner's Hair (ハイネの髪 Haine no Kami?)

No. Part Name
97Pence's HairPence's Hair (ピンツの髪 Pintsu no Kami?)
98Olette's HairOlette's Hair (オレットの髪 Oretto no Kami?)
99Tifa's HairTifa's Hair (ティファの髪 Tifa no Kami?)
100Setzer's HairSetzer's Hair (セッツァーの髪 Settsā no Kami?)
101Cloud B's HairCloud B's Hair (クラウドBの髪 Kuraudo B no Kami?)
102Auron's HairAuron's Hair (アーロンの髪 Āron no Kami?)
103Sephiroth's HairSephiroth's Hair (セフィロスの髪 Sefirosu no Kami?)
104Axel's HairAxel's Hair (アクセルの髪 Akuseru no Kami?)
105Vexen's HairVexen's Hair (ヴィクセンの髪 Vikusen no Kami?)
106Zexion's HairZexion's Hair (ゼクシオンの髪 Zekushion no Kami?)
107Marluxia's HairMarluxia's Hair (マールーシャの髪 Mārūsha no Kami?)
108Demyx's HairDemyx's Hair (デミックスの髪 Demikkusu no Kami?)
109Xigbar's HairXigbar's Hair (シグバールの髪 Shigubāru no Kami?)
110Xemnas's HairXemnas's Hair (ゼムナスの髪 Zemunasu no Kami?)
111Luxord' s HairLuxord's Hair (ルクソードの髪 Rukusōdo no Kami?)
112Xaldin's HairXaldin's Hair (ザルディンの髪 Zarudin no Kami?)
113Saïx's HairSaïx's Hair (サイクスの髪 Saikusu no Kami?)
114Lexaeus's HairLexaeus's Hair (レクセウスの髪 Rekuseusu no Kami?)
115Larxene's HairLarxene's Hair (ラクシーヌの髪 Rakushīnu no Kami?)
116Aerith B's HairAerith B's Hair (エアリスBの髪 Earisu B no Kami?)
117Yuffie B's HairYuffie B's Hair (ユフィBの髪+鉢巻 Yufi B no Kami + Hachimaki?)
118Xehanort's HairXehanort's Hair (ゼアノートの髪 Zeanōto no Kami?)
119Sora D's HairSora D's Hair (ソラDの髪 Sora D no Kami?)
120Goofy D's HairGoofy D's Hair (グーフィーDの髪 Gūfī D no Kami?)
121Donal D's HairDonald D's Hair (ドナルドDの髪 Donarudo D no Kami?)
122Lightning's HairLightning's Hair (ライトニングの髪 Raitoningu no Kami?)
123Snow's HairSnow's Hair (スノウの髪 Sunou no Kami?)
124Serah's HairSerah's Hair (セラの髪 Sera no Kami?)
125Ventus's HairVentus's Hair (ヴェントゥスの髪 Ventusu no Kami?)
126Terra's HairTerra's Hair (テラの髪 Tera no Kami?)
127Aqua's HairAqua's Hair (アクアの髪 Akua no Kami?)
128Eraqus's HairEraqus's Hair (エラクゥスの髪 Erakwusu no Kami?)
129Sazh's Hair (Plus One)Sazh's Hair (サッズの髪 Sazzu no Kami?)
130Vanille's HairVanille's Hair (ヴァニラの髪 Vanira no Kami?)
131Bartz's HairBartz's Hair (バッツの髪 Battsu no Kami?)
132Celcil's HairCecil's Hair (セシルの髪 Seshiru no Kami?)
133FF6 Terra's HairTerra's Hair (ティナの髪 Tina no Kami?)
134Cloud C's HairCloud C's Hair (クラウドCの髪 Kuraudo C no Kami?)
135Zidane's HairZidane's Hair (ジタンの髪 Jitan no Kami?)
136Squall's HairSquall's Hair (スコールの髪 Sukōru no Kami?)
137Tidus B's HairTidus B's Hair (ティーダBの髪 Tīda B no Kami?)
138Shantotto's HairShantotto's Hair (シャントットの髪 Shantotto no Kami?)


No. Part Name
1Yellow BeakYellow Beak (黄色いクチバシ Kiiroi Kuchibashi?)
2Goofy's MouthGoofy's Mouth (グーフィーのクチ Gūfī no Kuchi?)
3Round NoseRound Nose (丸い鼻 Marui Hana?)
4Chip's MouthChip's Mouth (チップのクチ Chippu no Kuchi?)
5Dale's MouthDale's Mouth (デールのクチ Dēru no Kuchi?)

No. Part Name
6Goofy B's MouthGoofy B's Mouth (グーフィーBのクチ Gūfī B no Kuchi?)
7Santa BeardSanta Beard (サンタ服(パンツ)のヒゲ Santa Fuku (Pantsu) no Hige?)
8Cid's ToothpickCid's Toothpick (シドのつまようじ Shido no Tsumayoushi?)
9Pete's MouthPete's Mouth (ピートのクチ Pīto no Kuchi?)
10Luxord's GoateeLuxord's Goatee (ルクソードのヒゲ Rukusōdo no Hige?)

No. Part Name
11Goofy D's MouthGoofy D's Mouth (グーフィーDのクチ Gūfī D no Kuchi?)
12Donald D's BeakDonald D's Beak (ドナルドDのクチ Donarudo D no Kuchi?)
13Eraqus's Soul Patch StacheEraqus's Soul Patch + Stache (エラクゥスのヒゲ Erakwusu no Hige?)
14Sazh's GoateeSazh's Goatee (サッズのヒゲ Sazzu no Hige?)
15Shantotto's EarsShantotto's Ears (シャントットの耳 Shantotto no Mimi?)

Scars, Etc.

No. Part Name
1Leon's ScarLeon's Scar (レオンの額の傷 Reon no Hitai no Kizu?)
2Seifer's ScarSeifer's Scar (サイファーの傷 Saifā no Kizu?)
3Rai's ScruffRai's Scruff (ライのヒゲ Rai no Hige?)
4Setzer's ScarsSetzer's Scars (セッツァーの傷 Settsā no Kizu?)

No. Part Name
5Snooty StacheSnooty Stache (アートなヒゲ Āto na Hige?)
6Axel's MakeupAxel's Makeup (アクセルのメイク Akuseru no Meiku?)
7Xigbar's ScarXigbar's Scar (シグバールの傷 Shigubāru no Kizu?)
8Saïx's ScarsSaïx's Scars (サイクスの傷 Saikusu no Kizu?)

No. Part Name
9Eraqus's ScarsEraqus's Scars (エラクゥスの傷 Erakwusu no Kizu?)
10Squall's ScarSquall's Scar (スコールの傷 Sukōru no Kizu?)
11Shantotto's NoseShantotto's Nose (シャントットの鼻 Shantotto no Hana?)



No. Part Name
1Coats-1-Organization CoatOrganization Coat (XIII機関のコート XIII Kikan no Kōto?)
2Coats-2-Maleficent's RobeMaleficent's Robe (マレフィセントのコート Marefisento no Kōto?)
3Coats-3-OvercoatOvercoat (ロングコート Rongu Kōto?)
4Coats-4-White Mushroom's CoatWhite Mushroom's Coat (Wマッシュルームのコート W Masshurūmu no Kōto?)
5Coats-5-Mouton CoatMouton Coat (ムートンコート Mūton Kōto?)
6Coats-6-Trench CoatTrench Coat (トレンチコート Torenchi Kōto?)

No. Part Name
7Coats-7-Down JacketDown Jacket (ダウンジャケット XDaun Jaketto?)
8Coats-8-Poncho 1Poncho 1 (ポンチョ1?)
9Coats-9-Poncho 2Poncho 2 (ポンチョ2?)
10Coats-10-Poncho 3Poncho 3 ((ポンチョ3?)
11Coats-11-Seifer's CoatSeifer's Coat (サイファーのコート Saifā no Kōto?)
12Coats-12-Ansem's OvercoatAnsem's Overcoat (アンセムのロングコート Ansemu no Rongu Kōto?)

No. Part Name
13Coats-13-Hayner's VestHayner's Vest (ハイネのベスト Haine no Besuto?)
14Coats-14-Xehanort's Lab CoatXehanort's Lab Coat (ゼアノートの白衣 Zeanōto no Hakui?)
15Coats-15-Xemnas's CoatXemnas's Coat (ゼムナスのコート Zemunasu no Kōto?)
16Coats-16-Costume JacketCostume Jacket (仮装服上着 Kasou-fuku Uwagi?)
17Coats-17-Eraqus's CoatEraqus's Coat (エラクゥスのコート Erakwusu no Kōto?)
18Coats-18-FF6 Terra's CloakFF6 Terra's Cloak (ティナのマント Tina no Manto?)

Starter Kits

No. Part Name
1Starter Kits-1-OverallsOveralls (オーバーオール
2Starter Kits-2-Formal DressFormal Dress (ドレス
?, lit. "Dress")
3Starter Kits-3-Sundress 1Sundress 1 (ワンピース1
Wanpīsu 1
?, lit. "Sundress 1")
4Starter Kits-4-Sundress 2Sundress 2 (ワンピース2
Wanpīsu 2
?, lit. "Sundress 2")
5Starter Kits-5-Sora A OutfitSora A Outfit (ソラAの服
Sora A no Fuku
6Starter Kits-6-Donald A OutfitDonald A Outfit (ドナルドAの服
Donarudo A no Fuku
7Starter Kits-7-Cloud A OutfitCloud A Outfit (クラウドAの服
Kuraudo A no Fuku
8Starter Kits-8-King Mickey A OutfitKing Mickey A Outfit (王様Aの服
Ōsama A no Fuku
?, lit. "The King A Outfit")
9Starter Kits-9-Selphie's SundressSelphie's Sundress (セルフィAのワンピース
Serufi A no Wanpīsu
?, lit. "Selphie A's Sundress")
10Starter Kits-10-Gummi ShiftGummi Shift (グミワンピ
Gumi Wanpi
11Starter Kits-11-Chip OutfitChip Outfit (チップの服
Chippu no Fuku
12Starter Kits-12-Dale OutfitDale Outfit (デールの服
Dēru no Fuku
13Starter Kits-13-Donald B Starter KitDonald B Starter Kit (ドナルドBのセットアップ
Donarudo B no Settoappu
?, lit. "Donald B Setup")
14Starter Kits-14-Goofy B Starter KitGoofy B Starter Kit (グーフィーBのセットアップ
Gūfī B no Settoappu
?, lit. "Goofy B Setup")
15Starter Kits-15-Ms. Santa DressMs. Santa Dress (サンタ服(ワンピ)のワンピ
Santa-fuku (Wanpi) no Wanpi
?, lit. "Santa-suit (Sundress) Sundress")
16Starter Kits-16-Long-sleeve DressLong-sleeve Dress (長袖ワンピース
Nagasode Wanpīsu
?, lit. "Long-sleeve Sundress")
17Starter Kits-17-Knit DressKnit Dress (ニットワンピース
Nitto Wanpīsu
?, lit. "Knit Sundress")
18Starter Kits-18-Aerith A's DressAerith A's Dress (エアリスAのワンピース
Earisu A no Wanpīsu
?, lit. "Aerith A's Sundress")
19Starter Kits-19-Men's KimonoMen's Kimono (和装(男)着物
Wasou (Otoko) Kimono
?, lit. "Japanese (Male) Kimono")
20Starter Kits-20-Women's KimonoWomen's Kimono (和装(女)着物
Wasou (Onna) Kimono
?, lit. "Japanese (Female) Kimono")
21Starter Kits-21-Pete Starter KitPete Starter Kit (ピートのセットアップ
Pīto no Settoappu
?, lit. "Pete Setup")
22Starter Kits-22-Large Body Starter KitLarge Body Starter Kit (ラージボディのセットアップ
Rāji Bodi no Settoappu
?, lit. "Large Body Setup")
23Starter Kits-23-Daisy's DressDaisy's Dress (デイジーのドレス
Deijī no Doresu
24Starter Kits-24-Queen Minnie's DressQueen Minnie's Dress (ミニーのドレス
Minī no Doresu
?, lit. "Minnie's Dress")

No. Part Name
25Starter Kits-25-Goofy Starter Kit CGoofy Starter Kit C (グーフィーCのセットアップ
Gūfī C no Settoappu
?, lit. "Goofy C Setup")
26Starter Kits-26-Donald Starter Kit CDonald Starter Kit C (ドナルドCのセットアップ
Donarudo C no Settoappu
?, lit. "Donald C Setup")
27Starter Kits-27-Dark Riku Starter KitDark Riku Starter Kit (闇リクのセットアップ
Yami Riku no Settoappu
?, lit. "Dark Riku Setup")
28Starter Kits-28-Sora C Starter KitSora C Starter Kit (ソラCのセットアップ
Sora C no Settoappu
?, lit. "Sora C Setup")
29Starter Kits-29-Kairi B's DressKairi B's Dress (カイリBのワンピース
Kairi B no Wanpīsu
?, lit. "Kairi B's Sundress")
30Starter Kits-30-Namine's SundressNamine's Sundress (ナミネのワンピース
Namine no Wanpīsu
?, lit. "Namine's Sundress")
31Starter Kits-31-Firion Starter KitFirion Starter Kit (フリオニールのセットアップ
Furionīru no Settoappu
?, lit. "Frioniel Setup")
32Starter Kits-32-Onion Knight Starter KitOnion Knight Starter Kit (オニオンナイトのセットアップ
Onion Naito no Settoappu
?, lit. "Onion Knight Setup")
33Starter Kits-33-King Mickey B OutfitKing Mickey B Outfit (王様Bの服
Ōsama B no Fuku
?, lit. "The King B Outfit")
34Starter Kits-34-Hamaka + KimonoHamaka + Kimono (袴セット
Hakama Setto
?, lit. "Hakama Set")
35Starter Kits-35-Cloud B OutfitCloud B Outfit (クラウドBの服
Kuraudo B no Fuku
36Starter Kits-36-Sephiroth OutfitSephiroth Outfit (セフィロスの服
Sefirosu no Fuku
37Starter Kits-37-DiZ OutfitDiZ Outfit (DIZの服
DIZ no Fuku
38Starter Kits-38-Valor Form Starter KitValor Form Starter Kit (ブレイヴフォームのセットアップ
Bureivu Fōmu no Settoappu
?, lit. "Brave Form Setup")
39Starter Kits-39-Wisdom Form Starter KitWisdom Form Starter Kit (ウィズダムフォームのセットアップ
Wizudamu Fōmu no Settoappu
?, lit. "Wisdom Form Setup")
40Starter Kits-40-Master Form Starter KitMaster Form Starter Kit (マスターフォームのセットアップ
Masutā Fōmu no Settoappu
?, lit. "Master Form Setup")
41Starter Kits-41-Final Form Starter KitFinal Form Starter Kit (ファイナルフォームのセットアップ
Fainaru Fōmu no Settoappu
?, lit. "Final Form Setup")
42Starter Kits-42-Red Nocturne OutfitRed Nocturne Outfit (レッドノクターンの服
Reddo Nokutān no Fuku
43Starter Kits-43-Minute Bomb BodysuitMinute Bomb Bodysuit (ミニッツボムの全身タイツ
Minittsu Bomu no Zenshin Taitsu
?, lit. "Minute Bomb Full-length Tights")
44Starter Kits-44-Search Ghost OutfitSearch Ghost Outfit (サーチゴーストの服
Sāchi Gōsuto no Fuku
45Starter Kits-45-Sora D Starter KitSora D Starter Kit (ソラDのセットアップ
Sora D no Settoappu
?, lit. "Sora D Setup")
46Starter Kits-46-Goofy D Starter KitGoofy D Starter Kit (グーフィーDのセットアップ
Gūfī D no Settoappu
?, lit. "Goofy D Setup")

No. Part Name
47Starter Kits-47-Donald D Starter KitDonald D Starter Kit (ドナルドDのセットアップ
Donarudo D no Settoappu
?, lit. "Donald D Setup")
48Starter Kits-48-Costume DressCostume Dress (仮装ドレス
Kasou Doresu
49Starter Kits-49-Lightning Starter KitLightning Starter Kit (ライトニングのセットアップ
Raitoningu no Settoappu
?, lit. "Lightning Setup")
50Starter Kits-50-Snow Starter KitSnow Starter Kit (スノウのセットアップ
Sunou no Settoappu
?, lit. "Snow Setup")
51Starter Kits-51-Serah Starter KitSerah Starter Kit (セラのセットアップ
Sera no Settoappu
?, lit. "Serah Setup")
52Starter Kits-52-Ventus Starter KitVentus Starter Kit (ヴェントゥスのセットアップ
Ventusu no Settoappu
?, lit. "Ventus Setup")
53Starter Kits-53-Terra Starter KitTerra Starter Kit (テラのセットアップ
Tera no Settoappu
?, lit. "Terra Setup")
54Starter Kits-54-Aqua Starter KitAqua Starter Kit (アクアのセットアップ
Akua no Settoappu
?, lit. "Aqua Setup")
55Starter Kits-55-Eraqus Starter KitEraqus Starter Kit (エラクゥスのセットアップ
Erakwusu no Settoappu
?, lit. "Eraqus Setup")
56Starter Kits-56-Vanitas SuitVanitas Suit (ヴァニタススッツ
Vanitasu Suttsu
57Starter Kits-57-Radiant Garden UniformRadiant Garden Uniform (レイディアントガーデン制服
Reidianto Gāden Seifuku
58Starter Kits-58-Sazh Starter KitSazh Starter Kit (サッズのセットアップ
Sazzu no Settoappu
?, lit. "Sazh Setup")
59Starter Kits-59-Vanille Starter KitVanille Starter Kit (ヴァニラのセットアップ
Vanira no Settoappu
?, lit. "Vanille Setup")
60Starter Kits-60-Bartz Starter KitBartz Starter Kit (バッツのセットアップ
Battsu no Settoappu
?, lit. "Butz Setup")
61Starter Kits-61-Cecil Starter KitCecil Starter Kit (セシルのセットアップ
Seshiru no Settoappu
?, lit. "Cecil Setup")
62Starter Kits-62-FF6 Terra Starter KitFF6 Terra Starter Kit (ティナのセットアップ
Tina no Settoappu
?, lit. "Tina Setup")
63Starter Kits-63-Cloud C Starter KitCloud C Starter Kit (クラウドCのセットアップ
Kuraudo C no Settoappu
?, lit. "Cloud C Setup")
64Starter Kits-64-Tidus B Starter KitTidus B Starter Kit (ティーダBのセットアップ
Tīda B no Settoappu
?, lit. "Tidus B Setup")
65Starter Kits-65-Shantotto Starter KitShantotto Starter Kit (シャントットのセットアップ
Shantotto no Settoappu
?, lit. "Shantotto Setup")


  • Typical Top
  • Riku A's Vest
  • Kairi A's Shirt
  • Goofy A's Shirt Combo
  • T-shirt 1
  • T-shirt 2
  • Tank Top
  • Long-sleeve Tee 1
  • Long-sleeve Tee 2
  • Dress Shirt 1
  • Dress Shirt 2
  • Hoodie
  • Leather Top
  • Wakka's Tank Top
  • Tidus A's Shirt Combo
  • Sport Jacket 1
  • Sport Jacket 2
  • Jacket 1
  • Long-sleeve Tee 3
  • Vest
  • Turtleneck Sweater 1
  • Turtleneck Sweater 2
  • Sora B's Coat
  • Santa Coat
  • Yuffie A's Tube Top
  • Leon's Jacket Combo
  • Cid's Shirt + Waistband
  • Jacket 2
  • Seifer's Undershirt
  • Fuu's Vest
  • Rai's Tank Top
  • Ansem's Shirt
  • Tracksuit Top 1
  • Tracksuit Top 2
  • Tracksuit Top 3
  • Formal Jacket 1
  • Formal Jacket 2
  • Biker Jacket
  • Denim Jacket
  • Hooded Vest 1
  • Hooded Vest 2
  • Cardigan 1
  • Cardigan 2
  • Yuna's Top
  • Rikku's Top
  • Paine's Top
  • School Uniform Shirt
  • Sailor Suit
  • Vivi's Coat Combo
  • Riku B's Vest
  • Pirate Coat
  • Jackpot Tee
  • Roxas's Shirt Combo
  • Hayner's Tank Top
  • Pence's Tank Combo
  • Olette's Camisole
  • Tifa's Vest
  • Kairi C's Dress Shirt
  • Setzer's Shirt
  • Auron's Coat
  • Aerith B's Top
  • Yuffie B's Vest Combo
  • Xehanort's V-neck Combo
  • Ansem's Shirt
  • High Roller Vest Combo
  • Costume Undershirt
  • Zidane's Vest Combo
  • Squall's Jacket Combo


  • Basic Bottoms
  • Riku A's Pants
  • Kairi A's Skirt
  • Goofy A's Pants
  • Slacks 1
  • Long Shorts 1
  • Shorts
  • Slacks 2
  • Slacks 3
  • Long Shorts 2
  • Long Skirt 1
  • Miniskirt 1
  • Miniskirt 2
  • Miniskirt 3
  • Organization Pants
  • Wakka's Pants
  • Tidus B's Pants
  • Long Shorts 3
  • Pants
  • Miniskirt 4
  • Long shorts 4
  • Skirt
  • Sora B's Pants
  • Santa Pants
  • Yuffie A's Hot Pants
  • Leon's Pants + Buckles
  • Cid's Pants
  • Skirt + Pants
  • Army Pants
  • Seifer's Pants
  • Fuu's Capris
  • Rai's Pants
  • Ansem's Pants
  • Tracksuit Bottoms 1
  • Tracksuit Bottoms 2
  • Tracksuit Bottoms 3
  • Formal Pants 1
  • Formal Pants 2
  • Leather Pants
  • Yuna's Skirt Combo
  • Rikku's Skirt
  • Paine's Pants
  • Long Skirt 2
  • Long Skirt 3
  • Cargo Pants 1
  • Cargo Pants 2
  • Pleated Skirt 1
  • Pleated Skirt 2
  • Suspender Short 1
  • Suspender Shorts 2
  • School Uniform Pants
  • Sailor Skirt
  • Vivi's Pants
  • Riku B's Pants
  • Pirate Pants
  • Roxas's Pants
  • Hayner's Camo Capris
  • Pence's Pants
  • Olette's Capris
  • Tifa's Skort Combo
  • Kairi C's Skirt
  • Setzer's Pants + Sash
  • Auron's Pants
  • Aerith B's Skirt
  • Yuffie B's Short Shorts
  • Xehanort's Pants
  • Costume Pants
  • Zidane's Pants Combo
  • Squall's Pants + Buckles


  • Starter Shoes
  • Sora A's Shoes
  • Riku A's Shoes
  • Kairi A's Shoes
  • Donald's Legs
  • Goofy A's Shoes
  • Cloud A's Shoes
  • Organization Boots
  • King Mickey A's Shoes
  • Shoes 1
  • Shoes 2
  • Boots 1
  • Chip's Legs
  • Dale's Legs
  • Wakka's Sandals
  • Selphie's Sandals
  • Tidus B's Sandals
  • Sora B's Boots
  • Donald B's Legs
  • Goofy B's Feet
  • Santa Boots
  • Ms. Santa Boots
  • Knee-high Boots
  • Lined Boots
  • Aerith A's Boots
  • Yuffie A's Boot Combo
  • Leon's Boots
  • Cid's Shoes
  • Men's Tabi + Geta
  • Women's Tabi + Geta
  • Seifer's Boots
  • Fuu's Shoes
  • Rai's Shoes
  • Pete's Shoes
  • Large Body's Shoes
  • Yuna's Boots
  • Rikku's Boots
  • Paine's Boots
  • Ladies' Shoes
  • Fancy Shoes
  • Formal Shoes 1
  • Formal Shoes 2
  • Boots 2
  • Goofy C's Shoes
  • Dark Riku's Boots
  • Leather Shoes
  • Leather Shoes + Socks
  • Vivi's Shoes
  • Sora C's Shoes
  • Riku B's Shoes
  • Kairi B's Shoes
  • Namine's Sandals
  • Pirate Boots
  • Hakama Marching Zori
  • Roxas's Shoes
  • Hayner's Shoes
  • Pence's Shoes
  • Olette's Shoes
  • King Mickey B's Shoes
  • Tifa's Shoes
  • Kairi C's Shoes + Socks
  • Setzer's Boots
  • Hakama Matching Boots
  • Auron's Boots
  • Sephiroth's Boots
  • Aerith B's Boots
  • Yuffie B's Shoes
  • Valor Form Shoes
  • Wisdom Form Shoes
  • Master Form Shoes
  • Final Form Shoes
  • Xehanort's Boots
  • Sora D's Boots
  • Goofy D's Shoes
  • Costume Shoes
  • Lightning's Boots
  • Snow's Boots
  • Serah's Shoes
  • Ventus's Boots
  • Terra's Boots
  • Aqua's Boots
  • Eraqus's Boots
  • Vanille's Boots
  • Bartz's Boots
  • FF6 Terra's Boots
  • Cloud's Boots
  • Zidane's Boots
  • Squall's Boots
  • Tidus B's Boots



  • Donald A's Cap
  • Goofy A's Hat
  • Maleficent's Headdress
  • Chip Ears
  • Dale Ears
  • White Mushroom's Cap
  • Gummi Noggin
  • Four-suit Turban
  • Four-suit Top Hat
  • Honey on the Brain
  • Leaf Hairband
  • Rockity Helmet
  • Sora B's Hat
  • Donald B's Hat
  • Goofy B's Antlers
  • Santa Hat
  • Ms. Santa Hat
  • Perky Santa
  • Cid's Goggles
  • Seifer's Skullcap
  • Pete Ears
  • Large Body's Hat
  • Daisy's Tiara
  • Queen Minnie's Ears + Tiara
  • Headband
  • Soldier Helm
  • Goofy C's Helm
  • Donald C's Hat
  • School Uniform Cap
  • Knit Cap 1
  • Knit Cap 2
  • Vivi's Hat
  • Wide-brimmed Hat
  • Silk Hat
  • Pirate Hat
  • Egghead
  • Reversi Hair Ornament
  • Reversi Ears
  • Jackpot Hat
  • Pinnacle Pumpkin
  • Hairband
  • Ribbon Hairband
  • Black Baseball Cap
  • Red Baseball Cap
  • Blue Baseball Cap
  • Beret
  • Headphones
  • Icy Cube Helmet
  • Bad Dog Helmet
  • Red Nocturne Hat
  • Minute Bomb Mask
  • Search Ghost Helmet
  • Bulky Vendor Dome
  • High Roller Bunny Ears
  • Goofy D's Hat
  • Vanitas's Mask
  • Bartz's Gold Stars

Face & Neck

  • Cloud A's Cloak:Neck
  • White Necklace
  • Wakka's Studs
  • Heartless Mask
  • Donald B Scarf
  • Glasses 1
  • Scarf 1
  • Scarf 2
  • Scarf 3
  • Large Stole 1
  • Large Stole 2
  • Large Stole 3
  • Small Stole 1
  • Small Stole 2
  • Aerith A's Choker
  • Yuffie A's Scarf
  • Cid's Charm
  • Glasses 2
  • Glasses 3
  • Glasses 4
  • Sunglasses
  • Bandana
  • Rikku's Scarf
  • Round Specs 1
  • Round Specs 2
  • Kairi B's Pendant
  • Pirate Patch
  • Holy Moly Eyes
  • Reversi Shades
  • Skull Mask
  • Hayner's Pendant
  • Pence's Bandanna
  • Olette's Pendant
  • Tifa's Earring
  • Xigbar's Eyepatch
  • Luxord's Earrings
  • DiZ's Mask
  • High Roller Mask
  • Sora D's Mask
  • Costume Choker
  • Riku's Blindfold
  • Cecil's Earrings
  • FF6 Terra's Earring
  • Cloud C's Studs
  • Squall's Pendant
  • Tidus B's Pendant


  • Sora A's Gloves
  • Riku A's Gloves
  • Kairi A's Bracelets
  • Donald A's Gloves
  • Goofy A's Gloves
  • Cloud A's Gloves
  • Organization Gloves
  • King Mickey's Gloves
  • White Gloves
  • Chip's Work Gloves
  • Dale's Work Gloves
  • Wakka's Bracelets
  • Selphie's Bracelet
  • Sora B's Gloves
  • Donald B's Gloves
  • Goofy B's Gloves
  • Ms. Santa Gloves
  • Aerith A's Bracelet
  • Yuffie A's Gloves
  • Leon's Gloves
  • Rai's Wristbands
  • Pete's Gloves
  • Ansem's Gloves
  • Large Body's Shackles
  • Daisy's Gloves
  • Queen Minnie's Gloves
  • Yuna's Armlets
  • Rikku's Arm Warmers
  • Paine's Gloves
  • Goofy C's Armlet
  • Donald C's Sleeves
  • Vivi's Gloves
  • Sora C's Gloves
  • Riku B's Wristband
  • Kairi B's Bracelet
  • Roxas's Wristband
  • Olette's Bracelet
  • Tifa's Gloves
  • Hayner's Bracelet
  • Yuffie B's Wristbands
  • Valor Form Gloves
  • Wisdom Form Gloves
  • Master Form Gloves
  • Final Form Gloves
  • Sora D's Gloves
  • Goofy D's Gloves
  • Costume Gloves
  • Bartz's Gloves
  • Cloud C's Gloves
  • Zidane's Gloves
  • Squall's Gloves
  • Tidus B's Gloves

Rear Gear

No. Part Name
1Cloud A's CloakCloud A's Cloak (クラウドAのマント Kuraudo A no Manto?)
2King Mickey's TailKing Mickey's Tail (王様のしっぽ Ōsama no Shippo?)
3Paine's WingsPaine's Wings (パインの羽 Pain no Hane?)

No. Part Name
4Devil's WingsDevil's Wings (悪魔の羽 Akuma no Hane?)
5Angel's WingsAngel's Wings (天使の羽 Tenshi no Hane?)
6Setzer's CloakSetzer's Cloak (セッツァーのアウター Settsā no Autā?)

No. Part Name
7Sephiroth's One WingSephiroth's One Wing (セフィロスの片翼 Sefirosu no Katayoku?)
8Zidane's TailZidane's Tail (ジタンの尻尾 Jitan no Shippo?)


No. Part Name
1Checkered SashCheckered Sash (チェック柄の腰布 Chekku-gara no Koshinuno?)
2Belt Wallet ChainBelt + Wallet Chain (ウォレットチェーン付きベルト Woretto Chēn-tsuki Beruto?)

No. Part Name
3Brown Waist PouchBrown Waist Pouch (ウエストバッグ(ブラウン) Uesuto Baggu (Buraun)?)
4Pink Waist PouchPink Waist Pouch (ウエストバッグ(ピンク) Uesuto Baggu (Pinku)?)

No. Part Name
5Grey Waist PouchGrey Waist Pouch (ウエストバッグ(グレー) Uesuto Baggu (Gurē)?)


  • Kingdom Key
  • Buster Sword A
  • Maleficent's Staff
  • Blitzball
  • Selphie's Jump Rope
  • Tidus A's Stick
  • Gummi Scepter
  • Scepter of Spades
  • Scepter of Hearts
  • Scepter of Diamonds
  • Scepter of Clubs
  • Mini Honey Pot
  • Leaf Wand
  • Leaf Shield
  • Rockity Hammer
  • Rockity Shield
  • Sack of Presents
  • Christmas Bells
  • Shuriken A
  • Gunblade
  • Mage's Staff
  • Knight's Shield
  • Morning Star
  • Dream Shield
  • Metal Chocobo
  • Fluffy Grab Bag
  • Fluffy Hagoita Paddle
  • Warrior of Light's Sword
  • Warrior of Light's Shield
  • Garland's Sword
  • Stuffed Moogle
  • Sword
  • Hook for a Hand
  • Cane
  • Lamb Chop
  • Valentine Chocolates
  • Bouquet of Roses
  • Warrior Staff
  • Warrior Shield
  • Jungle King
  • Lord Fortune
  • Mythril Shield
  • Warhammer
  • Hero's Shield
  • Dark Riku's Keyblade
  • School Bag
  • Sport's Bag
  • Tote Bag
  • Microphone
  • Juice
  • Stuffed Shadow
  • Firion's Sword
  • Onion Knight's Sword
  • Pair o' Birds
  • Pair o' Puppies
  • Jackpot Scepter
  • Soul Eater
  • Guitar
  • Kairi C's Tote
  • Paintbrush
  • Standing Mic
  • Boom Box
  • Buster Sword B
  • Auron's Sword
  • Masamune
  • Axel's Chakrams
  • Vexen's Shield
  • Zexion's Lexicon
  • Marluxia's Scythe
  • Demyx's Sitar
  • Xigbar's Arrowguns
  • Xaldin's Lances
  • Lexaeus's Axe Sword
  • Saïx's Claymore
  • Luxord's Cards
  • Larxene's Knives
  • Oathkeeper
  • Oblivion
  • Shuriken B
  • King Mickey's Keyblade
  • Toy Soldier Pair
  • Lionheart
  • Sleeping Lion
  • Pumpkinhead
  • Pitchfork
  • Ventus's Keyblade
  • Terra's Keyblade
  • Aqua's Keyblade
  • Eraqus's Keyblade
  • Vanitas's Keyblade
  • Bartz's Sword
  • Cecil's Sword
  • FF6 Terra's Sword
  • Buster Sword C
  • Squall's Gunblade
  • Tidus B's Sword


No. Part Name
1Moogle BuddyMoogle Buddy (フレンドモーグリ Furendo Mōguri?)
2Blue Rhapsody BuddyBlue Rhapsody Buddy (フレンドブルーラプソディ Furendo Burū Rapusodi?)
3Dusk BuddyDusk Buddy (フレンドダスク Furendo Dasuku?)
4White Mush BuddyWhite Mush Buddy (フレンドWマッシュルーム Furendo W Masshurūmu?)
5Bad Dog BuddyBad Dog Buddy (フレンドマッドドッグ Furendo Maddo Doggu?)
6Shadow Moogle BuddyShadow Moogle Buddy (フレンドシャドウモーグリ Furendo Shadou Mōguri?)

No. Part Name
7Shadow Dawg BuddyShadow Dawg Buddy (フレンドシャドウドッグ Furendo Shadou Doggu?)
8Shadow Kat BuddyShadow Kat Buddy (フレンドシャドウキャット Furendo Shadou Kyatto?)
9Bat Buddy XIIIBat Buddy XIII (フレンドXIIIバット Furendo Jūsan Batto?)
10Dog Buddy 1Dog Buddy 1 (フレンドドッグ1 Furendo Doggu 1?)
11Dog Buddy 2Dog Buddy 2 (フレンドドッグ2 Furendo Doggu 2?)
12Cat BuddyCat Buddy (フレンドキャット Furendo Kyatto?)

No. Part Name
13Mouse BuddyMouse Buddy (フレンドマウス Furendo Mausu?)
14Dog Buddy 3Dog Buddy 3 (フレンドドッグ3 Furendo Doggu 3?)
15Bunny BuddyBunny Buddy (フレンドラビット Furendo Rabitto?)
16Lion BuddyLion Buddy (フレンドライオン Furendo Raion?)
17Wolf BuddyWolf Buddy (フレンドウルフ Furendo Urufu?)
18Crow BuddyCrow Buddy (フレンドクロウ Furendo Kurou?)

The Works


No. Part Name
1Bodysuits-1-MoogleMoogle (モーグリ Mōguri?)
2Bodysuits-2-Mystery Member XIIIMystery Member XIII (XIII機関(フード付) Jūsan Kikan (Fūdo-tsuge)?, lit. Organization XIII (Hooded))
3Bodysuits-3-Reindeer GetupReindeer Getup (トナカイ全身セット Tonakai Zenshin Setto?, lit. Reindeer Full Set)
4Bodysuits-4-Fluffy Lion DanceFluffy Lion Dance (モッチリ獅子舞 Mocchiri Shishimai?)
5Bodysuits-5-Warrior of Light's ArmorWarrior of Light's Armor (ウォーリアオブライトの鎧 Wōria obu Raito no Yoroi?)
6Bodysuits-6-Garland's ArmorGarland's Armor (ガーランドの鎧 Gārando no Yoroi?)

No. Part Name
7Bodysuits-7-ShadowShadow (シャドウ Shadou?)
8Bodysuits-8-SoldierSoldier (ソルジャー Sorujā?)
9Bodysuits-9-DuskDusk (ダスク Dasuku?)
10Bodysuits-10-DarksideDarkside (ダークサイド Dākusaido?)
11Bodysuits-11-Guard ArmorGuard Armor (ガードアーマー Gādo Āmā?)
12Bodysuits-12-TrickmasterTrickmaster (トリックマスター Torikkumasutā?)

No. Part Name
13Bodysuits-13-CerberusCerberus (ケルベロス Keruberosu?)
14Bodysuits-14-BanditBandit (バンディット Banditto?)
15Bodysuits-15-Skeleton BodysuitSkeleton Bodysuit (ガイコツ全身タイツ Gaikotsu Zenshin Taitsu?, lit. Skeleton Full Tights)
16Bodysuits-16-GhostGhost (ゴースト Gōsuto?)
17Bodysuits-17-DefenderDefender (ディフェンダー Difendā?)


No. Part Name
1Ensembles-1-Sora ASora A (ソラA?)
2Ensembles-2-Riku ARiku A (リクA?)
3Ensembles-3-Kairi AKairi A (カイリA?)
4Ensembles-4-Donald ADonald A (ドナルドA Donarudo A?)
5Ensembles-5-Goofy AGoofy A (グーフィーA Gūfī A?)
6Ensembles-6-Cloud ACloud A (クラウドA Kuraudo A?)
7Ensembles-7-Organization XIIIOrganization XIII (XIII機関 Jūsan Kikan?)
8Ensembles-8-MaleficentMaleficent (マレフィセント Marefisento?)
9Ensembles-9-King Mickey AKing Mickey A (王様A Ōsama A?, lit. The King A)
10Ensembles-10-Formal DressFormal Dress (ドレス1 Doresu 1?, lit. Dress 1)
11Ensembles-11-ChipChip (チップ Chippu?)
12Ensembles-12-DaleDale (デール Dēru?)
13Ensembles-13-WakkaWakka (ワッカ?)
14Ensembles-14-SelphieSelphie (セルフィ Serufi?)
15Ensembles-15-Tidus ATidus A (ティーダA Tīda A?)
16Ensembles-16-White MushroomWhite Mushroom (Wマッシュルーム W Masshurūmu?, lit. W Mushroom)
17Ensembles-17-Sora BSora B (ソラB?)
18Ensembles-18-Donald BDonald B (ドナルドB Donarudo B?)
19Ensembles-19-Goofy BGoofy B (グーフィー Gūfī B?)
20Ensembles-20-SantaSanta (サンタ(パンツ) Santa (Pantsu)?, lit. Santa (Pants))
21Ensembles-21-Ms. SantaMs. Santa (サンタ(ワンピ) Santa (Wanpi)?, lit. Santa (Dress))
22Ensembles-22-Aerith AAerith A (エアリスA Earisu A?)
23Ensembles-23-Yuffie AYuffie A (ユフィA Yufi A?)
24Ensembles-24-LeonLeon (レオン Reon?)
25Ensembles-25-CidCid (シド Shido?)
26Ensembles-26-Japanese MJapanese M (和装(男) Wasō (Otoko)?, lit. Japanese Clothes (Man))
27Ensembles-27-Japanese FJapanese F (和装(女) Wasō (Onna)?, lit. Japanese Clothes (Woman))
28Ensembles-28-SeiferSeifer (サイファ Saifa?)
29Ensembles-29-FuuFuu (フウ?)
30Ensembles-30-RaiRai (ライ?)
31Ensembles-31-PetePete (ピート Pīto?)

No. Part Name
32Ensembles-32-AnsemAnsem (アンセム Ansemu?)
33Ensembles-33-Large BodyLarge Body (ラージボディ Rāji Bodi?)
34Ensembles-34-DaisyDaisy (デイジー Deijī?)
35Ensembles-35-Queen MinnieQueen Minnie (ミニー王妃 Minī Ōhi?)
36Ensembles-36-Tracksuit 1Tracksuit 1 (ジャージ1 Jāji 1?, lit. Jersey 1)
37Ensembles-37-Tracksuit 2Tracksuit 2 (ジャージ2 Jāji 2?, lit. Jersey 2)
38Ensembles-38-Tracksuit 3Tracksuit 3 (ジャージ3 Jāji 3?, lit. Jersey 3)
39Ensembles-39-YunaYuna (ユウナ Yuuna?)
40Ensembles-40-RikkuRikku (リュック Ryukku?)
41Ensembles-41-PainePaine (パイン Pain?)
42Ensembles-42-Goofy CGoofy C (グーフィーC Gūfī C?)
43Ensembles-43-Donald CDonald C (ドナルドC Donarudo C?)
44Ensembles-44-Dark RikuDark Riku (闇リク Yami Riku?)
45Ensembles-45-ViviVivi (ビビ Bibi?)
46Ensembles-46-Sora CSora C (ソラC?)
47Ensembles-47-Riku BRiku B (リクB?)
48Ensembles-48-Kairi BKairi B (カイリB?)
49Ensembles-49-NamineNaminé (ナミネ Namine?)
50Ensembles-50-RoxasRoxas (ロクサス Rokusasu?)
51Ensembles-51-HaynerHayner (ハイネ Haine?)
52Ensembles-52-PencePence (ピンツ Pintsu?)
53Ensembles-53-OletteOlette (オレット Oretto?)
54Ensembles-54-King Mickey BKing Mickey B (王様B Ōsama B?, lit. The King B)
55Ensembles-55-TifaTifa (ティファ?)
56Ensembles-56-Kairi CKairi C (カイリC?)
57Ensembles-57-SetzerSetzer (セッツァー Settsā?)
58Ensembles-58-AuronAuron (アーロン Āron?)
59Ensembles-59-SephirothSephiroth (セフィロス Sefirosu?)
60Ensembles-60-Aerith BAerith B (エアリスB Earisu B?)
61Ensembles-61-Yuffie BYuffie B (ユフィB Yufi B?)
62Ensembles-62-DiZDiZ (DIZ?)

No. Part Name
63Ensembles-63-Sora (Valor Form)Sora (Valor Form) (ソラ(ブレイヴフォーム) Sora (Bureivu Fōmu)?, lit. Sora (Brave Form))
64Ensembles-64-Sora (Wisdom Form)Sora (Wisdom Form) (ソラ(ウィズダムフォーム) Sora (Wizudamu Fōmu)?)
65Ensembles-65-Sora (Master Form)Sora (Master Form) (ソラ(マスターフォーム) Sora (Masutā Fōmu)?)
66Ensembles-66-Sora (Final Form)Sora (Final Form) (ソラ(ファイナルフォーム) Sora (Fainaru Fōmu)?)
67Ensembles-67-XehanortXehanort (ゼアノート Zeanōto?)
68Ensembles-68-Red NocturneRed Nocturne (レッドノクターン Reddo Nokutān?)
69Ensembles-69-Minute BombMinute Bomb (ミニッツボム Minittsu Bomu?)
70Ensembles-70-Search GhostSearch Ghost (サーチゴースト Sāchi Gōsuto?)
71Ensembles-71-Sora DSora D (ソラD?)
72Ensembles-72-Goofy DGoofy D (グーフィーD Gūfī D?)
73Ensembles-73-Donald DDonald D (ドナルドD Donarudo D?)
74Ensembles-74-Costume 1Costume 1 (仮装セット1 Kasō Setto 1?, lit. Costume Set 1)
75Ensembles-75-Costume 2Costume 2 (仮装セット2 Kasō Setto 2?, lit. Costume Set 2)
76Ensembles-76-LightningLightning (ライトニング Raitoningu?)
77Ensembles-77-SnowSnow (スノウ Sunou?)
78Ensembles-78-SerahSerah (セラ Sera?)
79Ensembles-79-VentusVentus (ヴェントゥス Ventusu?)
80Ensembles-80-TerraTerra (テラ Tera?)
81Ensembles-81-AquaAqua (アクア Akua?)
82Ensembles-82-EraqusEraqus (エラクゥス Erakwusu?)
83Ensembles-83-VanitasVanitas (ヴァニタス Vanitasu?)
84Ensembles-84-SazhSazh (サッズ Sazzu?)
85Ensembles-85-VanilleVanille (ヴァニラ Vanira?)
86Ensembles-86-BartzBartz (バッツ Batsu?, lit. Butz)
87Ensembles-87-Paladin CecilPaladin Cecil (セシル(パラディン) Seshiru (Paradin)?, lit. Cecil (Paladin))
88Ensembles-88-FF6 TerraFF6 Terra (ティナ? lit. Tina)
89Ensembles-89-Cloud CCloud C (クラウドC Kuraudo C?)
90Ensembles-90-ZidaneZidane (ジタン Jitan?)
91Ensembles-91-SquallSquall (スコール Sukōru?)
92Ensembles-92-Tidus BTidus B (ティダーB Tidā B?)
93Ensembles-93-ShantottoShantotto (シャントット?)

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