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The Avatar Mascot Straps are a series of cell phone straps/charms released in late 2009 and throughout 2010, apparently as part of the year's marketing blitz for Kingdom Hearts Mobile-styled items. Each consists of a 4 3/4-inch cell phone strap attached to a small silver charm bearing the series curled heart and crown logo, which is in turn attached to a 1 1/4-inch tall plastic figure. The figures are extremely detailed, and usually bear weapons or props appropriate to the character.

Volume 1 (September 2009)Edit

Volume 2 (December 2009)Edit

Volume 3 (May 2010)Edit

  • Mickey Mouse in his King unifrom.
  • Donald Duck in his Disney Castle Mage form.
  • Aerith in her Kingdom Hearts version.
  • Tifa in her Final Fantasy VII Advent Children attire.
  • Cloud in his Final Fantasy VII Advent Children attire.

Volume 4 (November 2010)Edit

Volume 5 (November 2010)Edit


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