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Adamantite (アダマンタイト) is an item used for synthesis in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. It is used in creating a number of Ability Panels and high-level Ring Panels.


Adamantite is represented by cyan jewels. It has a Gem material structure.

"Adamantite" is a variation on the word "adamant", which describes a hard substance, often a diamond or metal. Fittingly, this material is often used to synthesize Ring Panels with high defense.


The Adamantite can be found by:

  • It can be dropped from the Poison Plant and Stalwart Blade during the last few Missions of the game.
  • It is available for 5000 Heart Points per item once Agent Rank is obtained, and can be purchased as many times as desired.
  • It can be found in treasure chests during Missions 82 and 90.
  • It is awarded as a Clear Bonus during Missions 74 and 79.
  • You can get it if you talk to Xaldin on Day 354 in the Grey Area.
  • It is also a reward for collecting 180 Mission Crowns.
  • It can be dropped by the Rare Vendor during missions 74 and 76 with a 30% chance

Items synthesized

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