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The Ability Link is a game window which first appears in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Through the board, the player can unlock Deck Commands and Abilities for use within the game. Each Spirit has a unique ability link that can be accessed once the Spirit has been added to the player's party. In order for these previously mentioned abilities and commands to be unlocked, each individual Spirit must acquire Link Points. Unlocked abilities are automatically installed, whereas unlocked commands must be installed in the Command Deck.

Link PointsEdit

Link Points are the currency used to unlock abilities and commands on the Ability Link board. The points obtained are specific to each Spirit, and can be acquired through various means, including during active combat and as a reward for completion of Training Toys mini-games.


The Ability Link board features a variety of icons connected by paths that originate from the Keyhole icon. Upon starting, a pink path will lead to an icon encased in a light pink bubble, indicating that the user is able to unlock it by expending the required amount of Link Points, while the rest of the icons will be connected by blue paths and encased in an ice crystal, preventing them from being unlocked. Upon unlocking an icon all paths connecting to it will turn pink and and the ice barriers broken and replaced by bubbles.

Besides the icons, the board also presents checkpoints that act as barriers, requiring a quota to be fulfilled, which can range from the Spirit reaching a certain level, linking a set number of times, having a specific item, etc. Additionally, hidden pathways can occasionally be unlocked when a Spirit changes disposition, though this does not occur for every Spirit.


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