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3D Shooting
Game(s) Kingdom Hearts Re:coded
World(s) Wonderland
Hollow Bastion
Reward(s) Potion

3D shooting is a gameplay mode which appears in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. It is used during specific moments whilst progressing through the separate plots of Wonderland and Hollow Bastion II.


Kingdom Hearts Re:codedEdit

After Alice's memory is restored, Data-Sora manages to find and enter Wonderland's Keyhole, seeking to destroy the source of the world's bugs. An energy spike limits Data-Sora's abilities, forcing him into a 3D shooting stage. He is then pitted against the Trickmaster, the source of the Bug Blox and the energy spike, whom he eventually defeats. With the Trickmaster annihilated, the data world then returns to it's normal form.

After Data-Sora finishes getting rid of all of the bugs in the datascape, an unknown force attempts to delete the entire datascape. In order to prevent the deletion, and also to rescue the missing Maleficent and Pete, Data-Sora traverses the Data Tunnel as a 3D shooting stage, until he reaches Sora's Heartless in the Central Corruption area.


In 3D shooting segments, the camera is fixed behind a constantly advancing Data-Sora. Occasionally, the camera may tilt to the side or completely upside down. The segments are split up into stages, and the map shows how far away the next stage is.

Most of Data-Sora's abilities are disabled, although he can still move both to the left and to the right He is also able to use jump, and block. While in the air, pressing up on the control pad slows his descent, while pressing down allows him to fall more quickly. Additionally, tapping A Button- Nintendo DS fires projectiles from the Keyblade. Holding either attack button lets Data-Sora to lock on to up to five targets, allowing him to fire projectiles that deal more damage.


Taking out multiple enemies at once earns more points. Deck commands are replaced by Overlay commands, which are obtained by picking up the diamond-shaped power-ups peppered throughout each stage. Bug Blox obstruct Data-Sora's path, and enemies attack in waves, impeding Data-Sora's progress. If he falls into a pit or collides with blox, he takes damage and, in the case of falling into a pit, then respawns after a few seconds.


  • Data-Sora fires yellow projectiles normally, but he fires blue projectiles if locking on to one or more enemies.